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Does anyone know if this would be legal?

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(As you will see, this thread is part serious and part not. Feel free to respond to either, neither, or both.)

So, I am watching all of this lunacy regarding our God given rights to self defense, supported by our 2nd Amendment, and wondered what I will use for home defense (besides the hickory maul handle under my pillow) if we lose all gun rights. I do not see such happening without a civil war or something close, but we are seeing how people are losing their guns through the most ridiculous enforcement of the most ridiculous interpretations of the most ridiculous laws (like the guy who lost his guns because his 10 year old kid and some buddies were trying to figure out a harmless way to deal with a bully).

I have not given much thought yet to any range or projectile type weapons, but I was wondering about lethal energy stun guns. I poked around the Internet for about 4 minutes and did not see anything. I may have to research that and see if I can build one.

I was also thinking about flame throwers. I know you probably think I am kidding, but I was thinking something about the size of a typical aerosol can, like the cans of air used to blow out electronics or furniture polish (hmm...bad buy polish). It would not have much of a range, and it would definitely not shoot flaming material, only flames (though one that shoots streams of flaming material would be fun outside).

Though I really like the ideas THESE GUYS have, I am not sure I could equip fast enough to be of any use. Would definitely make the bad guys think twice though.

I learned some pretty wonderful knife fighting techniques in the service, which are quite effective, but nobody really believes you when you just have a knife. I am looking for something that has major psychological effect. I really like what THIS GUY made. If I were a bad guy sneaking into someone's house and saw that, I would know I chose the wrong house immediately and dive out of the nearest window.

What else is there? Ninja stars and Gauss seem like a match made in Heaven.

Seriously though, I am most interested in the lethal stun gun. It would not have to actually be lethal, but I would want no chance of someone fighting through the first shock. I want them down and I do not want them to get back up.

Edit: I just thought of sticky bombs, but around m80 size and with a slingshot. Have to figure out something for the fuse though.
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Just make your own stun gun and tap into this :yup:---> Overhead power line Transmission tower Electricity Tower Electrical supply
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Flame throwers are legal to own. ATF has no authority over flame throwers. Try hair spray.

Black Powder cannons come in all sizes.
If it comes down to everyone losing their firearms, everything will be fine.
The criminals will all get honest, real jobs, support their families in the old traditional way, with love, pride of family, and their mommas will be real proud of them.

I can say this, because all the politicians in Disneyland-on-the-Potomac told me so.
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Well for home defense a picture of Dianne Feinstein hanging in the hallways should work. Outside the house get a Janet Reno mask to wear. If those don't scar the crap out of the BG nothing will!
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You dismiss the knife, but it's probably your best choice out of those ideas, especially as you have training. Also consider machetes, hatchets, baseball bats (with or without nails driven through it) or monkey fists. Pretty much any hand tool will work.
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It won't matter. The new "gun free society" with be swarming with gun-toting criminals. But it was all for the children, right?
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How about a couple of crossbows.
Or maybe a spear gun.
I saw a nice demo a couple days back where a guy threw chop sticks at an aluminum pie plate and
penetrated the metal. Put a point on some and you have a nice throwing weapon. Attach
a fishing weight and that thing will have momentum and impact. You can hold about 10 in your
off hand anywhere except NY.
I think a flame thrower is the perfect HD weapon...right after you double check your home owner's insurance.

Otherwise, train up in one of these:
Star Trek - Spock vs Kirk Battle Scene - YouTube
No one mentioned slingshots. A slingshot can hurl a .38 steel ball hard enough to ruin your day...and they don't use 30 round mags.
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