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Does length of pull really matter on a HD shotgun?

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I'm in the market for a replacement stock for my new shotgun. I don't know much about shotgun shooting, but in my research I've read a never ending list of posts about length of pull. But most of the posts seem to be aimed at trap or skeet shooters. If you're just keeping a 20" Mossberg on deck to repel home invaders and/or for shtf scenarios, is it worth obsessing over 1/2" either way? I'd love opinions because I really am ignorant on this subject. I was just gonna happily buy the standard Mossberg stock to replace my AR style before I fell into the rabbit hole of the l.o.p. debate...
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I wouldn't think fine tuning to fit your body would be critical for HD. However, you can always add pads to lengthen or even change the stock. For Skeet/Trap it matters as this is target shooting and the fit of the gun is a pretty important factor when shooting hundreds of rounds for score. When shooting just a few rounds for defense, not so much.
Nope. Ask the guy with a pistol-grip shortie how important length of pull is.
As long as it's not too long, should be okay.
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As long as it's not too long, should be okay.
That is the key. Better too short than too long. A close to correct length of pull should be about 2" space between your grip thumb knuckle to the tip of your nose as long as the butt stock pad does not hang up on your clothing or armpit as you shoulder the weapon.
NO some people have to much time on their hands.
To quick to touchy a trigger on any HD or CC weapon can be a bigger issue.
I assume when I really need it I'll be bare chested or in a tee (ie awakened from bed by a bad guy) so that would affect things vs wearing a jacket as well. So lop changes based on season, time of day, use, etc. because I'll be wearing a different amount of clothing. Thanks for the replies; I'm gonna check out a standard stock in the store to make sure it's not unduly long/comfy then not fuss about whether my thumb is half an inch further from my nose than is ideal.
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