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D'oh! I'm stupid! But can someone help me out anyway?

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After spending a bit of time on this website and trying to figure some things out, I still have questions that I cannot seem to answer for myself.

1. What are these envelope icons next to thread titles with the flap open, close, with arrows, without arrows, different colors, etc.?

2. Why are some thread titles boldfaced, while others are not?

3. How do I bypass the new postings to a certain thread subject when I sign on? How can I go to the listing of all thread subjects?

I'm sure I have more questions, but these are the closest to the top.

Try not to verbally slap me too hard.
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Steel - Bumper can maybe help further on icons but this is approx what we have -

1) - These show thread status - a new one is just yellow before any other posts made to it. The arrow or not indicates I think whether you have replied again or not as a subscribed poster (you have already posted). If locked/closed there is a padlock shown.

(ahhh - go to foot of this page - - it shows you!!! The red ones are ''hot topics" )

2) Bold or not indicates the link status - bold if unvisited, unbolded if you have used the link.

3) Not entirely sure on this one re what you mean. Your best bet usually is to hit the ''new posts'' link near top of page - this brings up all new posts and threads. In your user CP you can also go check to see what threads you are subscribed to. Choose too to have instant email notification set to on if not done - you will then get emails to tell you if a thread has had extra input.

This may or may not answer some of your Q's.
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Chris has pretty much covered your first two questions and I'm not positive what you're in the third, but go into the User Control Panel (CP) and then Click on Edit Options. You may want to experiemt with different options, particularly under Thread Display Options and Thread Display Mode. What it sounded like to me is that you may be wanting to switch to either Threaded or Hybrid Mode.

Let me know if that helped or answered that question. Experimentation in the Control Panel may turn up something you didn't know was available.... :smile:
Steelhorse, is your third question about bypassing the page that comes up if you go to and then having to go to the bottom of the page and click on Combat Carry Forum? If this is the question, I found the easiest way to get to the full forum page was to mark the forum page as a favorite. Here is a link to it.

If I misunderstood the question provide us with some clarification as to what you are trying to do.
That's pretty much how I do it too. Just go to the page you want to see first when you log on and bookmark it there. My bookmark is set at my subscribed threads so I see that first.
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