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San Fransisco i.e. the hippy conclave of all times has stated that guns will not be legal in their city and that all law abiding citizens that:

1)have paid for

2)passed the background

3)edured the wait...and taken delivery must turn in their firearms to the local police in direct violation of states rights not to mention the constitution.

What are they thinking?

S.F. is one of the most crime riddin, nasty Hell holes of all time where drug dealers and perverts walk openly down the street.

I once had a friend that had a business there and we would watch the cops sit across the street and watch the prostitutes do business right in front of his business. I wouldn't want to walk down the street in most parts of that town at night. Murder is one of the highest in the state. Heck Long Beach is safer - what are these people thinking?

Just wondered what kinda mass hallucination these folks are on.

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I think most of us know of this and have wondered just how enforcable it might be. Last year IIRC the news came out.

It is a move pretty typical of controllers - not bothering to differentiate between the good guys and the bad - the bad guys as we know will carry on unimpeded.

I have not read much about the current status quo - as to whether this really is going to happen as they planned.
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