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Dry Graphite spray

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Has anyone used this? I was looking at a big can of it that I got from NAPA. I was thinking it may be a good dry lube. And, since my PT145 is black, I wouldn't have to worry about the color, like I found out when I lubed the door handles on my car.:embarassed:
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I'm relatively new to guns and cleaning. Currently I'm leaning to switching to MilTec-1 or Milcomm. Sig supplied a small container of Milcomm.

At any rate, now that I've established my "newbie" status with regard to guns, I just wanted to mention that the space program does not use dry graphite lubricant for a very good reason; it's not dry. It actually attracts and holds a very thin film of water. In a vacuum, the water boils off and the graphite becomes an abrasive.

Now I realize you're not likely to use a gun in a vacuum, but I just thought the "water" factor might be a concern.

Take it for what it's worth, I'm still learning.

Graphite and other carbon compounds at high temperatures can cause stainless steel to "carburize". The carbide precipitates produced promote corrosion. The consequences of carburization are:

* the steel loses its stainless quality
* the mechanical properties are harmed,
* red rust corrosion appears.
* Loss of metal, cracks and pinholes appear.
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