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Dumb CCW question - Public Bathrooms

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Hey, new to all of this and I have a question. Tried searching but did not find anything

When you are caring, and go into a public restroom, what do you do?

If you drop your pants in a stall, a firearm could be seen under the walls. If you take the holster and firearm off your side first, what do you do with it, There is no safe place to put it down.

I am sure it will not be my only "dumb" question, but that is it for now

I feel like an idiot, I just saw the sticky, Moderator, please feel free to delete this thread. Not sure why I did not find it in the search
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When you use the search function, go to advanced search rather than just using the search box. The results seem to be better that way for some reason.

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