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Dummy Guns

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and I'm also a beginning holster maker. I sent Gary some pics of my work for him to critique when he has a chance. I was hoping to see if any of you know where else I can purchase Dummy guns for holster making, right now I'm getting mine from Duncans in MI. And living in CA. I cannot buy the blue practice guns without a Law Enforcement letter head. So I hope you have some ideas.

Thanks, Rhome
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I wonder why an everyday citizen can't purchse fake, bright blue, plastic guns from this particular dealer. Doesn't make any sence to me unless they only wholesale to law enforcement. Good luck with the search and the holster making.
I think Duncans is the main dummy gun maker i was discussing this with Kevin From KD holster's he has been having a hard time getting a dummy gun from them for 2 guns i want holsters from said he wished there were other makers
Duncan's is the only real game in town, except for Ring's which makes the blue guns.
Is this some CA law, or were you told this by an LE distributor of the blue guns. If a dealer told you this, then contact Ring's direct.
E-mail me for their contact info: [email protected]
Good luck...
The rings seems nice to work with. I have been building some kydex holsters lately. Good luck getting some plastic guns.
Another option, though I'm sure CA restricts them, is airsoft guns. The better made ones are very detail and dimension accurate. Depending on your molding techniques you may damage them though.
Just a thought.
Thanks Mark I sent you e-mail.
We use blue and also red with our NRA courses. Danged if I can remember where the red ones came from.

To need LE letterhead to get them tho - sheesh - how crazy is that!
Well I know Brownells won't sell to me unless I send LE letter head along with my order and a dealer that is selling some holsters for me said he can only sell them to LE. As for air soft pistols so far they are legal in CA. I suppose I need the higer end ones as the one I have now HK usp measurements in the trigger guard area are different than the HK usp that I own, close but no cigar.
Thanks, Rhome
P95Carry said:
(SNIP) Danged if I can remember where the red ones came from.

To need LE letterhead to get them tho - sheesh - how crazy is that!
I think the red guns are from ASP.

LE letterhead for a chunk of colored plastic....alrighty now..... :confused:
Duncans= the only alloy game in town...but require way too much clean up as of the last couple of years.....
Rings....great guns for molding. edges and not as correctly sized as the Rings guns..but work ok.
Airsoft...depending on the great.

Shoot well..
I know they`re not typical carry guns but I`ve been working with someone to make dummy guns for .44 Auto Mags and .45WM LAR Grizzlys if any holster makers are interested. Marcus

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Just buy the real gun, and you can make holsters AND shoot the gun;blame it on me, so your wife doesn't hurt you (like you usually do...) John
Marcus, welcome :smilez:

Same Marcus as on THR - who I met at Water & Wings?

Those dummies look excellent and every bit as good as the usual blue or red guns!
Those replicas look excellant; better than the stuff Duncan's is puting out lately. Are they aluminum? (Tough to tell from the pic).
I'd definately be interested if you can e-mail me his contact info.
Can he make other pistols too?
If so, looks like he should get his own business going.
Thanks... (just noticed it's Ring's)


have them as well. I haven't bought any yet, so if anyone knows who has the best prices, I'm interested.
Hi Chris, yep it`s me. Thanks for the warm welcome! I just found this forum a few days ago. Looks like a nice place.

Mark,they`re molded of a high strength plastic. It`s about the hardness and toughness of hardwood. A friend`s wife who`s a sculptor did them for me. She uses the same hi tech molding techniques and materials to make duplicates of her sculptures for resale. The materials can actually duplicate something so closely that if there are fingerprints on the original they`ll be cast into the duplicate too! BUT to do that the mold mix is like water and it seeps into the lockwork and such then hardens. What a mess! She thickened it up a lot to keep it from getting inside the AutoMag so the textures aren`t perfect but the size and shape are spot on. The Grizzly is more detailed,you can clearly see the bear engraved on the slide etc.! She wants $35ea. for them and I`ll be having dummys of the magazines made too. If you`d like one or both dummy guns e mail me at [email protected] and I`ll have her make a few more. Marcus
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You might try
This is what they have which are the kind we use in our group to teach retention techniques.
Ahh great - so I was right. Well glad to see you come on board here Marcus. I think you find some useful info and company, tho I know you have been carrying a long time. Probably plenty of input you can offer too.

Still carry that KT P11 with the clip!? I remember that.

Wish I could get out that way again and see all the folks but - time and particularly gas costs now make it difficult and unlikely.
Occasionally,I pretty much retired the P-11 a few years ago in favor of a Kahr P-40. It`s slimmer and much easier to hit well with. Of course I carry bigger stuff too,that`s why I had the dummy gun made of the Grizzly. ;) It actually carries pretty good and it`s a pussycat with CorBon`s self defense load (200gr.JHP/1450fps.). I can`t wait to try it in one of Kevin`s holsters. :) Marcus
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