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EDC bag

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What do you use for your edc bag, and what you you have in it? I'm not talking bug out bags or survival bags, just what you carry every day when you go to work.
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My pockets, being I'm retired!:image035: Before I retired, I carried a old ALICE lower pack (as a bail-out bag) that I was issued back in the day. That was pre-MOLLE gear and Maxpedition, etc. that is now common. BTW, I am a fan of Maxpedition gear which is VERY well made kit! Good luck!
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I'm the same as 5lima30ret since retirement. When traveling I carry the bag shown below. Had it about 4 years and it is a great bag. Same quality as Maxpedition Sitka Gunslinger but lower priced.

Rambler Sling Pack
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I carry a Timbuk2 messenger bag When I go to town. It's very non-tactical looking and I can carry my laptop in its own compartment. It also holds a BOK & tourniquet, separate first aid kit, my electric Ear muffs (incase I go to the range) knife, multi tool, pen & note book, two extra pistol magazines and an HK mag loader, extra surefire light and a cr123 battery 4 pack, a water bottle and a couple of energy bars.
I keep an Eberlestock bag in my truck, but I don't carry it with me around town (I'm retired). It has the following items:

First Aid Kit (bandages, Neosporin, Tylenol, hand sanitizer, etc)
Israeli Bandage
Qwik Clot
Carb bars
Water purifier
Polartec Sweater
Binoculars (10X42)
Emergency sleeping bag

Probably a few other things I can't think of at the moment (and I'm too busy right now to go get the bag). I also keep a thermal blanket in the vehicle, along with spare ball caps, extra water, baby wipes, etc. The pack is also fitted with a Safepacker holster, since it's impossible to draw from my normal holster with the wide waist belt from the pack. This keeps the pistol concealed but makes it almost instantly accessible.
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