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Eds red is a great cleaning solivent and is easily made at home so i thought i would post the recipee for the forum members who dont allready have it

You can mix your own "Eds Red" very easily and inexpensively... it is nothing more than Gen'l. Hatcher's formula for Frankfurt Ordnance Solvent updated to modern materials.

To make one gallon mix:

1 qt. Type III Automatic Transmission Fluid

1 qt. Kerosene

1.qt. Turpintine or Mineral Spirits

1. qt. Acetone

Mix in a gallon metal can such as a paint can.

You can use a pan such as used to chaing oil in a car to soak parts for cleaning.

This solvent is pretty strong, but it cleans better than anything I have run across... just a note tho the acitone will evaporate if it is not stored in a tightly sealed container

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Great old recipe that is - useful reminder tho probably quite a few folks know it.

Let me add this one tho to help people who need to clean BP guns or post corrosive ammo use -

3 pts - Rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol
3 pts - Peroxide (std 3%)
2 pts - Murphy's Oil Soap

I goes by various names - I know it as "Panther Pi$$"!

I made a whole gallon and it'll last way beyond my time!! I took a pint to keep in one of the peroxide bottles for regular use - keep it out of light. Main amount stored in dark corner in old yellow anti-freeze jug (rinsed out of course).

This stuff can be used cold on patches and I have found it more than effective. Rinse and dry after use and proceed with normal methods.
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