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Emergency Right to Carry Permit

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Must admit I was unaware of this one - but think it is a very good move to try and make.

Public Hearing for Emergency Right to Carry Permit to be Held Wednesday, March 15!

Next Wednesday, March 15, the House Judiciary Committees Criminal Laws Subcommittee will have a public hearing on H 4473, introduced by Representative Catherine Ceips (R-124).

This legislation will establish an expedited process for issuing an emergency Right-to-Carry (RTC) permit to victims of domestic violence. H 4473 will also require victims be notified of this personal protection option if their request for an order of protection is granted, and will ensure that, should a domestic violence victim obtain an emergency RTC permit, that victims personal information cannot be released unless for the purpose of an official police investigation. This will prevent abusers from tracking down their victims by exploiting the current system that allows easy access to personal information regarding RTC permit holders.

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I think it's a great Bill but I gurantee that the brady bunch as well as the feminist will go against it. If someone has that type of protection then they most likely won't become a statistic for the anti-gun types but will become a testament for the pro-gun side.

I would like to see the Bill go through because anyone with half a brain knows that the LEO's as well as RO's aren't going to be able to help.

Sometimes I wonder what the anti's are really thinking when they go against Bills like this.

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