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In one of the threads about an LCP pocket holster, someone suggested Uncle Georges wallet holsters. I checked them out and got into a very pleasant email conversation with Uncle George. He and I have a daughter about the same age. The difference is, his daughter is concerned about her safety while mine is a :sheep: .

I took my daughter to the range a few times, but only under the pretense that we would be going to the mall afterward. He said he did this and it worked quite well. I asked my daughter if years ago she would have been interested in this strategy and she said it would not have worked. I still think it is a great idea.

I glue Necco candies to cardboard strips so my daughter and I can have some fun. We shoot at 50 yards with a .22 Remington Model 5 with a scope.We take turns, her first, and each shoot five shots per turn. I pay her a quarter for each candy she hits and gets a dollar extra if she hits a candy on all five shots. If I shoot out a candy during my turn she can't shoot that candy. Fun way to move some moola to my daughter. She loves it and often when outta cash says "Hey dad, when we goin' to the range?

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