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Engraved Colt Pistolas

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You know I am always searching the web for interesting firearm related anything. Anyway...searching for engraved Colt pistols. (something that I would love to have done some day) Nice Tasteful Scroll Engraving maybe 3/4 coverage.
But, that's beside my point here. This seems odd. Check out the Colt pistol on the top. The ejection port is not lowered at all but it looks like it's relieved at both the front & rear on the top curve of the slide. :confused:
Has anyone ever seen that particular "modification" done exactly like that before?
Just Wondering.

Meanwhile...(one gun below) that would be the very first pair of genuine elephant ivory grips that I've ever seen with front strap finger grooves & I've seen LOTS of ivory Colt grips in my day. Maybe they are "Tru Ivory" synthetic & not real.
My guess is that to duplicate them in elephant would require two blocks of elephant tusk ivory costing about $550.00 to $600.00 just in raw block ivory at today's prices. That would not be including the labor costs to fabricate the grips.
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To my eye, the "relief cuts" on the top pistol appear to be caused by the camera angle and the lighting. I could be wrong, but I don't think the ejection port has been relieved at all. Other than the engraving & stocks, the top pistol looks to be a stock M1911.
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