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Enter today for a chance to win 2 Sets of AR500 Armor Level III Body Armor - 10" x 12" ASC Front, Back, and 6" x 8" Side Plates! Click "Buy" and enter for free!

AR500 Armor is the leading manufacturer of quality affordable body armor. We specialize in level III hard armor capable of defeating rounds up to 7x62x51 @ 2780 feet per second. Constructed from the high quality ballistic plate. We've taken our armor to the new level by offering a new protective Line-X Base Coat - the leading protective coating on the market. More details on our protective Line-X coating here -

Our unique Advanced Shooters Cut allows the operator more room to shoulder their rifle vs. traditional cuts.

This giveaway includes (2) full sets of AR500 Armor Level III Trauma plates including 10" x 12" Advanced Shooters Cut Curved Ergonomic Front Plate, Back Plate, and 6" x 8" Side Plates

Rating: Level III
Size: 10" x 12" Front and Back Curved Armor and 6" x 8" Side Plate
Weight: 7.5lb's per 10" x 12" - 2.5lb per 6" x 8"
Profile: Thin profile, only .25" thick!

All AR500 Armor is 100% made in the USA!

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