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Ever Been a Victim???

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Not sure if this is the proper place for this thread, so mods feel free to move it.

How many of you have ever been the victims of a violent crime? How has this affected your world outlook, and your current status as a CCW permit holder? In other words, did you come to gun ownership and ultimately to the practice of concealed carry as a result of being victimized in the first place? If so, did you go to the extent of seeking real training and or joining a shooting club like IDPA or IPSC to further your skills (both shooting and tactical)? Or, did you learn from "Dad" or daddy's friend "the cop?"

If it's not too traumatic can you give us a thumbnail sketch of the incident? Include whether or not the crime was completed or you were able to escape or resist. If it's painful, don't bother.

I am excluding all childhood bullying and victimization for obvious reasons. So don't relate what happened in the schools, unless it was serious and required a police report or hospitalization.
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Only a couple of what I might describe as ''close calls'' but no victimization thank heaven.

Nothing really of interest to relate - but I think in one case my alertness (and ''attitude!'') made the difference, in the other - luck!!
In 1972 I was mugged on school grounds and the result was serious enough to require a trip to the E.R. and the police so that meets my own exceptions. Funny thing...I KNEW I was about to be attacked!

I was in the mens room at high school, alone...and this scrawny little weasel comes in and never stops to do any "business" he just runs down the open stalls to verify the fact that I'm the only one there. He leaves and my spidey sense is SCREAMIN'! I go to open the door and a bro the size of an M1 tanks hits it like a linebacker and I'm on my back while this bro is pummeling my skull with a large fist and a ring on the finger....I'm bleeding and semiconscious and all I can think of is "I should have opened the door from the side, quickly and stepped back. The ape (sorry bruces45) would have cold cocked himself on the nearby wall!

That led me into the martial arts AND the military, later. Got my carry permit as a senior in college and already nearing my commission as a US Army Infantry Lieutenant so no more worries...was getting very

In 1986 I was leaving a restaurant with two buddies of mine around noon downtown Miami near the river when this scrawny punk (not the same kid) trots up and whips out a Beretta JetFire .22LR and screams (lol) "Gimme yo cash!" I start laughing and step behind my buddies, who calmly pull their Sigs (IIRC) and badges (FBI). I thought the kid was gonna cry.

In 1996 I went hand to hand with a burglar and won. No opportunity to get nightstand gun..the 21 foot rule was the 21 INCH rule in this case. Too close. The Newfoundland dog was quietly snoring on her 145 pound frame in the front of the house. Some guard dog. Hmph. I still won the encounter. Sudden, extreme violence was the key here. My fist was cut up and bruised such that even a cop made the remark that it seemed I had gotten more than a measure of justice. I went to a gunshow the next day and bought a brass knucke "paperweight" that still rests next to the window by our bed (my side)

I've had the occasion to use my Aikido as an educator in the past 17 years several times.
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It's what is happening around here

As of today nothing has happened to me. But a lot of people living in my City sure have been beaten..robbed...had their auto's carjacked from them..had their homes invaded...Had their homes shot all to hell by drive by shooters.

Just yesterday afternoon at 2pm at a local Cracker Barrel this lady ending her shift and while getting ready to drive from the parking lot this guy sticks a knife through window and says give me you'r money.

She grabed his knife hand got cut jumped out of her auto and got stabbed in the leg.

The guy then got into his truck and the off he went. Cops chased him down till he hit another auto and crashed.

Also in the evening a group of five young guys and one girl invaded a home with a young girl at home alone. She hid and called police they quickly got there got them before they found the hiding girl. Just her luckyday.

Day before a young woman washing stuff in apartment wash room. This 17 year old kidnapped her to a near by drainage ditch robbed her of her was money and then beat her to death.

Anyway this is just a small sample of what has been happening all around me. So I am not waiting to become a victim if I can help it.

My moto is always armed always ready to kill if it's needed. I never leave the house without my sidearm my snapout baton and mace. In home my Rem.870P is close and ready.

I try real hard to not become a victim..I am not looking for a problem just don't want myself or my family to become the next attack news story of the day.:frown:
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Back in the early '70s a buddy and I were working for his dad on some property and the farm, clearing brush, stringing fence bailing hay etc. One afternoon after work we went for a swim in one of the stone quarries that dot southern Indiana, remember this is he 70s so swim suits not needed. There were 2 couples already swimming in the quarry when we got there and we joined in, it was a very communal environment, well a little while after we got there 3 fine examples of white trash with a single shot H&R shotgun came along. They pushed everyone around for while, made the girls do some jumping jacks etc, when one of the guys objected they butt stroked him, I really think they were working themselves to raping the girls until they heard someone else coming and took off like the little chicken sh!ts they were. Well the next Friday my buddy and I each had his dad (post ‘68 and we were 16) buy us M-1 carbines out of our pay which we started carrying when we went to the quarries. I swore then that no SOB was ever going to lord over me again; one of us was going to die.

I had been into guns and shooting since dad gave me my first BB gun when I was 4, but this was the pivotal point when I started thinking defensively about guns. Applied for my first carry permit the day I turned 21, and was pi$$ed to find out that in Indiana I could have gotten it at 18, I have pretty much carried a handgun ever since. I have had 3 occasions since to “show” I was armed but fortunately that was all it took to stop things.

In 1996 I went hand to hand with a burglar and won. No opportunity to get nightstand gun..
Here is a little thing I built just for sush a situation...
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Not a direct assault, but close enough to change my life

In early 1972 my wife to be and I were driving down a backroad in a southern state when we saw some flashlights in the ditch. Being a little green behind the ears I stopped to see if we could help. I rolled the window down as a guy walked up. I turned to see what had to be a 155 mm howitzer poked in my face. He asked if we had seen his daughter. When we assured him we had not, he told us to get the hell out of there and if we saw her to tell her to get her butt home. We assured him we would and we left post haste. I bought my first handgun the next day, a .22 that I still like to plink with.
F350, nice little rig! Actually I now put the gun under my pillow! It's to the point that if I don't feel that comforting lump of steel under my head I toss and turn until my subconscious figures out I need to get up and get the gun from the safe. When I travel with the family, it's the same thing. Of course when I leave a motel room, it's ON my person. Especially to walk the wussy dogs.....sheeeeesh a grand total of 180 pounds between the two of them and they'd as soon lick you to death as growl!
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Actually, I had an encounter during my first CCW permit term at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. I was carrying a S&W M19 with a 4" barrel in a SafariLand shoulder holster. I was borrowing my roomies 1972 Vega because I didn't want to take a date on my Yamaha 650 who was wearing formal wear.

I was sitting at a stoplight in downtown at midnight on our way home. There was a car in front and a car behind with mere inches between bumpers. The other lane was clear. An old 1960's era pontiac jammed tight with bros pulled up right next to my vehicle...not pulling forward to the next available space. The light remained red.

These dudes soon started making very rude, lewd and socially improper comments about my date. She was understandably very upset, but she didn't know I was carrying. I told her to ignore them, the light would change and we'd be on our way. Light stayed red.

Soon, the driver gets out of the car and starts in front of his hood making noise about how he's gonna kick cracker's a$$ and have some fun....He got right to the middle of his car hood and I drew the M19 and laid it on the sill of the window and calmly said: You REALLY don't want to DO that. Now remember, the car is overfull when the whole thing starts. I'd guess there were eight or so punks. NOW you can see all the way thru to the other side. From somewhere below window level somebody's whimpering in a squeaky voice: He's got a gun! GO! GO! GO! The driver never even flinched...with a wave of his hand he swings around saying: Shhhhiiiiiiiiii**** I jes JIVIN' you! Gets back in the car and varroooom runs the light. THEN the light goes green.

Next day, I'm in my criminal justice class with all the city and campus cops and I relate the incident. All those cops and the prof too were suggesting I could have done the world and certainly the city a favor by SMOKIN' the driver. Said they'd have given me the key to the city. This was lessee....1978? So maybe. But I'm glad I didn't have to shoot, anyway. No telling how it might've affected my US Army commission.
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I've never been victimized. Doing my best to keep it that way.
Nah for me, but I pray for the one who tries it - I hope they at least live........
d2thomas said:
Nah for me, but I pray for the one who tries it - I hope they at least live........
I for one hope, if it ever becomes necessary, that the BG doesn't live. If he does it's likely to become a very expensive civil suit.

It has been attempted to make me a victim on a couple of occasions. In each case the BG didn't like the outcome. (So I guess I was lucky).

One incident I recall quite clearly was in LA, CA. I was driving a cab in the 1980's when I picked up a guy who wanted to go to the other side of town. I was driving a Ford station wagon with bucket seats. Suddenly my passenger pulled a knife, scooted up between the bucket seats and placed the knife at my throat, he demanded my money, I started to chuckle and depress the accelerator. He asked what I was laughing about and I replied that we were now doing 70 MPH and that if he cut me would he like to take a bet on which one of us died first in the crash. He got real serious and scooted up closer to me and demanded that I stop the car right now. I obliged. I hit the brake as hard as I could and he flew over the dashboard and out the windshield. (What you get for not wearing a seatbelt) He landed about 6 feet in front of the car in pretty bad shape. I got out of the car and picked up his knife then called my dispatcher to contact LAPD. I looked at him and used a line from the John Wayne film "The Shootist" and said, "You should find another line of work because this one doesn't suit you."
The LAPD units that responded told me I did a brave but foolish thing.
I asked why they thought that. I told them that after 2 years in Vietnam with Special Forces I had been terrorized by professionals, this guy was an amateur. They got a chuckle out of that.
I was carrying a S&W Mod 686 at the time (The one that Chris, P95, now owns) but had no chance to get to it in this situation.
The BG survived the encounter and pled guilty in court so I never heard another thing about it.
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I wasn't a victim, but was assaulted a few times. Fighting back help each time. I think being assaulted helps for me to keep my guard up more than some.
Not yet, don't want to be, but am working on being better prepared as each week passes. Striving for the continous improvement thing.
Was attacked during a soccer game one time. Held my own against him until we got to grappling and ground fighting. He said; "THis is stupid, let's get back to the game." I stopped fighting and let him get up. I was still on the floor

Then, I'm told, he kicked me in the face. :banana:

Woke up in the hospital with my nose destroyed and concussion. Had to get a nose job to fix it. Had daily headaches for many years.

I'm a great proponent of considering a head kick a deadly force attack.
i have not been a Victim of a crime .. well other than the loser that scammed my CC# but no in person crime
Scruit said:
I'm a great proponent of considering a head kick a deadly force attack.
I concur 100% on that - one solid kick to the cranial vault can be lights out - permanently.
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A Dish Best Served....Cold.....

Scruit said:
I was still on the floor Then, I'm told, he kicked me in the face.
Did your teammates stomp him thru the field? Did you get some justice (official or not -- later?) When I played soccer, my team mates would have used their cleats to the best advantage.....
Like most I've been in some uneasy situations...I think my demeanor changed immediately in these situations making it clear that I was not going to be a victum (at least not an easy one).

stay armed...stay vigilant.
My wife, and I where camping in a some what remote area a number of years back. When one night a guy was acting suspicious. It was very unsettling for me because I did not have a firearm at the time. This was the time I started thinking about firearms, and the fact the world we live in is full of not so nice people.

I was lucky it could have turned out very bad.
Haven't been a victim, don't intend to be. Got it all out of my system in grade school.
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