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Another THR member here.
I moved up here in DEC from CA. The Bay Area.
I'm still trying to unpack. Bleh. At least I found my training certs today, so I can apply for CCW.
What a culture shock. It's better than I ever dreamed. Today, I was looking at guns for sale in the paper. Guns. In the paper. When I look at gun mags in the grocery store, there are other people looking at them, and they have more than 2 on the rack.
It's shocking.
I love it.
So, I'm married with a 10 month old daughter. I attended a police academy in CA the year before last on my own money. Had a couple job offers. I was dropped two weeks prior to graduation due to injury.
I was a bouncer in CA for the last 4 years, in addition to my regular jobs as loss prevention/security for various companies. I spent a lot of time doing 2 and 3 jobs at a time, trying to make it in CA. I spent some time doing Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I'm thinking of taking some Krav Maga classes. I'd prefer Kajukenbo or a good Aikido school.
My wife's a belly dance instructor.
I'm glad to be here in Oregon. I've wanted to move up for years.
I'm looking for good places to shoot outside in Linn County or nearby.
I know theres the Lebanon range(indoors), and plan to check it out this week.
It's nice to have found a site just for concealed carry, since I'm new to it. You folks seem pretty friendly here.

Glad to meet y'all.
Byron :vikings26

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Welcome to the forum, Fjolnirsson! Glad you found us as well as finding your way back into a carry state. You're a welcome addition to our member rolls. :wink:

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Welcome to our little chat space Fjolnirsson. We're glad you found us and hope you enjoy it here. Please feel free to post and ask any questions you may have.

Once again Welcome Aboard!!

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Hi Byron

Congrats on your move back into the United States from The Peoples Republic Of California. :biggrin:
Sounds like you really made the right move for yourself. Also Congrats on your new little daughter.
Now you have TWO new homes ~ one in Oregon & another one "on line" here at CombatCarry.
Looking forward to reading some of your future posts & threads.
Bouncer Stories Are Mighty Good Reading!:wink:

You said: "I've wanted to move up for years." ~ Sometimes...that's just the very best thing to do. Just start fresh.
It sure worked out for my little brother & he is happier NOW than ever before.

HeckFire!!! I am having trouble keeping up with these new members. This place is GROWING! I had better get on the ball! :muede09:

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Fjolnirsson - hey dude ..... THR folks get about eh!! Welcome :)
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