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I was hoping y'all might have more information than I can find on the subject, but I'm looking to take an executive/professional driving course (and a tactical pistol course).

What I'm looking to get out of the driving course is basic to advanced car handling techniques and use of the car as a offensive/defensive tool (ramming, pushing, etc.). It's mostly for my own benefit; I feel I'm a pretty good driver as it stands but I would thoroughly enjoy really learning the nuances to what a car can and can't do.

As for the pistol course, there's so much offered out there that I just don't know where to go. Traveling to any part of the US is almost a non-issue for me (though I would prefer Texas); so my biggest factors are the quality/depth/length of training and the cost. I am very familiar with pistols, so a course that is more geared towards pistol techniques, from beginner to advanced, vs. a course that starts with the absolute basics (pistol mechanics, how to use sights, stuff of that sort) would be preferable.

Thank you for the help.
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