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EXPLAIN THIS .45 Barrel To Me

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It's an Ebay Auction Item.
Looks decently well made. BUT, WHY???
What is the purpose of this barrel unscrewing in half?
Why have an add on rifled section for a shot barrel anyway?
Is some company actually making these or is this a home machinist gunsmithing experiment?
Just to comply with the law concerning smooth bore pistol barrels?
I'm confused??

Here is the link to the Ebay auction.

AUCTION TEXT DESCRIPTION: This is an original Colt .45acp rifled barrel that has been modified to shoot "shot" cartridges. There is a 2.5" smooth bore barrel that is threaded onto the rifled section. It has the standard length of 5", and fits any Colt Government model or National Match. Well made, and ready to use. Bluing is 98%. Shipping is $4
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Well interesting but heck - first time I have seen such. So - is breech/chamber piece all smooth then? And other piece rifled? Strange mix - and wow - if so then that is some length of freebore - what a bullet jump!

Intrigued to know more.

If this barrel were custom & set up for say...a 2.5" 410 shotshell...How da heck would you load it when the barrel was installed the pistol???
2.5" sure is not single shot "drop feeding" through the ejection port or going up through the magazine well.
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I'm totally confused by this barrel! :eek:
What is the purpose of it unscrewing anyway?
Why does it need to come apart to shoot .45 shotshells?
Never mind that when was the last time you saw 45 shot shells?
I don't get it? :confused:
I would assume it fires some kind of shot round single shot?

Yep, but, it's set up with a barrel link for a .45 semi~auto. has a 2.5" chamber (I guess)
How would you even load it "single shot" without taking the barrel out of the slide & loading a single round & then doing a re~assembly?
ya know it almost sounds like a paradox barrel but in reverse

You know I've been around SlabSided .45 Shootin' Irons for a long time & this barrel sure has me stumped. :confused:
1st impressions: Either someone's aborted mess and attempt to save face, or (my preciousss, we wondersss) if it was some sort of custom thingy for trick shooters in days of yore...think Ed McGivern shooting clays or glass balls tossed in the air.

(sounds good anyways)
maybe he was trying to make a internal sound supressor ... Streching it here i know but
Just buy it. You'll have the only one at the range. :biggrin:
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