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QKShooter Weighs In On Extreme Shock

Well, I'm never too quick to slam a product into the ground just because its marketing department is over~zealous/over~enthusiastic.
Bigger, better, stronger, faster, lighter, brighter, etc., etc. That is what sells BEST to most Americans these days. That is usually how all new, modern products get promoted.
So...maybe Extreme Shock is Extremely Over~Marketed but, it still could be a highly effective cartridge for its intended purpose.
Over marketing does not always equal under performance.
So I wouldn't be too tough on the invented word/element "Ny Trillium." ~
My computer is a Pentium & that particular word isn't in the dictionary either. What the heck is a Pentium?
For instance I was very wary of the GLASER Safety Slug (way back when) it first arrived on the "magic bullet" scene but it is quite effective for its intended purpose. I tested it myself with $125.00 of my hard earned American dollars & I was happy enough with what I witnessed (first hand) to carry a full extra spare mag full of Glasers. I still do. It is ABSOLUTELY NONricochet & extremely reliable.
You'll will have to check the following information out for yourself from GLASER (though I heard it on decently good authority) that no Bad Guy (to date) has ever survived ~ AKA "lived" after being hit with a C.O.M. Glaser Slug.
So...the bottom line is that I would sure be willing to allow "Extreme Shock" to prove itself...without slamming it total nonsense right off the bat.
I mean nobody ever thought that green bread mold could kill infection in the human body either & then "Viola!" then there was Penicillin.
So...I could see how a bullet research company could concoct a special alloy or bullet material composition that would self fragment into explosive dust & they would hafta call it something.
Due to the fast rotation of the bullet in flight & IF the projectile instantly fragmented into particles ~ those particles would still obviously be spiral directionally rotating & (I'm Guessing) could create an "in body" vortex effect at super high velocity. I'm willing to wait and see.
Also don't forget...It's possible to have "10" different "high tech" bullets hit the market in a row that are ALL TOTAL BS but, ~ that does not mean that Bullet Number 11 will not be fantastic.
They all need to be judged on their own merit and individual worth.
Time Will Tell.

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One Thought

I am ALWAYS very ricochet concerned.
Maybe I'm OVER ricochet concerned.
But ricochet is when we (as defensive shooters) LOSE TOTAL CONTROL over the "killing projectile" that WE put "out there" into the world.
I live in a heavily populated area & a friend of mine had an Uncle (who owned a small Dry Cleaning Company) & he was killed during a robbery attempt (gone bad) by a ricocheted bullet that was originally intended for the sales clerk at the front counter. He was three rooms back in the store & it was a freak thing.
It is a concern that we should all have.
That is the main reason that I never carry .45 hardball.
Just my personal opinion.

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Added Thought

One of the reasons I can tell already that this forum is going to be so doggone valuable to me is that many of you guys are "Out In It" Right Now & Today as Military, LEO, & instructors, and just all 'round brilliant gun people.
You are extremely valuable sources of current & updated technique, product, firearm & ballistic information.
My life has taken a slightly different direction these days & I am now looking forward to painting a little & getting back into sculpting.
And...actually relaxing at home a bit!
My days of buying slabs of pig ribs & "begging" large spoiled chunks of half rotten beef from the old Neville Island slaughterhouse ~ in order to test bullet penetration are over. Thank God!
I still have my keen and never-ending love for fine firearms & ALWAYS interested in new bullet performance.
So...I am "feeding off of" & learning from all you fine folks!
Heck...I got Bumper & Nighthawk & others going to the Shot Show for me!
I got the floor plan for the Shot Show right at my fingertips...Fantastic!
Just wanted to mention that I sure do appreciate your knowledge & your very generous information sharing.
And...I love reading it when you "mix it up" a little bit! You are all great!

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The Courtroom Argument For Frangible Ammo

Cuts both ways.
On the one hand you have the possible "extra severe" wound channel and bodily damage to the BG ~ but that is very much counterbalanced by the lack of ricochet & penetration through walls, etc. in order to decrease the likelihood of possible injury to innocent and non~involved bystanders.
So...YOU have selected your particular ammo to better protect the general public rather than to cause more harm to the perp.
As long as the manufacturer of the frangible ammo CAREFULLY selects the correct name for their product you should be OK in court.
I do not think you want to carry any defensive ammo called "Grim Reaper II" or BlackDeath or SkullBuster...for the very same reason that you do not want to have Skull & Crossbones or Black Widow Spider grips on your self defensive carry pistol.
Somebody sure will "grab that ball" & run away with it in court and it will NOT EVER be to your advantage.
That is the main reason I go with Glaser SAFETY Slugs rather than Black Talon.

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Hydra-Shok - They Are Fine

I carry an extra mag of Glaser these days.
I used to always keep my "in chamber" round a Glaser Safety Slug but have since changed away from that.
I understand both the limitations & the advantages of frangible.
Force of habit - "extensively tested reliable feeding" & the fact that I've tested them myself (albeit long ago) has kept me sticking with Glaser over Hydra-Shok. Old habits die hard.
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