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Fair price...

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Fair price on an M1 Carbine, made by Underwood, original stock, etc., in what I'd call good possibly very good condition?

Just curious.
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I'm not using this as a guide but I did find this listing

The one I saw was very similar for quite a bit less... dang I may have to go look at that again.
Wish i could give ya a better ideal euc but i really dont know
Well I did a little google fu and apparently one in that kind of condition (that actually shoots without appreciable throat erosion etc.) normally goes for 500-700. It's got some wear and tear on the stock, etc. but it looks pretty good and it sure does shoot.

I'll be going to take another look at it. Don't remember the exact price but the seller is a good guy who I've bought from before and he's normally pretty fair on this stuff. Plus I can probably talk him down $50 cuz it's me.
To give ya a idea, the "cheap" universals are around $400-$425 in my area. Area shop had a Inland M1 Carbine fair shape and got $1125 for it. I have 2 unversals, I bought them when they were "cheap" only gave like $200 each.
I would say a "fair" price for the underwood would be $450-$550 depending on its cond. But don't be suprised if he wants $750-$900 for it. For some reason in the last 5 years these M1's have about doubled in price.
Yep - me no M1 afficionado at all - but $500 is a ball park region I'd have in mind - condition tho makes a huge difference these days - plus whether any spare mags etc.

Bob?? --------------
Yeah the M1s are definitely not getting any cheaper.

Okay I went and looked at it and here's the deal. The store was asking $700 for it.

I asked to look at it anyway and checked it out. It's pretty darn nice, it's an authentic M1, and it's been kept up. Someone has taken good care of this thing. The only discernible drawback is there is a bald spot in the finish on the receiver but trust me it's nothing bad at all.

The furniture I speculate is orginal but looks like it's been sanded down and refinished. If it's not original it's pretty good anyway.

The bore is in fantastic condition, no throat erosion I could see without a gauge, headspace looks good. No cracks or rust anywhere. It's pretty nice.

Just to give you some idea, locally, I've seen M1s with visible rust on them for $800 and they sell. I've seen pristine modern production pieces at $1100, and restored real deals at $1500 and up and they all sell.

I told him I really liked it but 700 was too much. He told me he almost took it for himself but he got three of them years ago from the CMP. FWIW this guy is honest and he informed me the three he received at $375 apiece were not as nice as this one and he spent $400 restoring one of them to pretty nice condition and left the other two alone. He's not blowing smoke up my nose either, he's a straight up guy.

But he said 600 firm, and I get a few days to think about it.

I do want it, and I could layaway it. I'd have to actually. I've heard the CMP is going to try to start an M1 Carbine specific match too.

I don't think it's a steal of a deal, but considering local market, condition, etc. I think it's very fair.
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From your description Euc - and the possible deal - I'd not expect you to make any loss if moving it on later.

Still interested to hear Bob's thoughts. Trouble is - he is working in the store this evening.
I think I will Bud. Like I said, they're not getting any cheaper.
For a carbine, about normal - I can move them in a couple hours if I price 'em at that range. Above $650 for a shooter, especially if refinned, is too much IMO.

That refin is going to seriously hurt you down the road if it's not arsenal or doesn't look it.
Well it "looks" about normal, but it's either been replaced or refinished. To be honest, I've seen no M1 weapon besides a few very expensive Garands that had original wood that wasn't:

1. Unfit for actual use
2. Refinished/refurbished
3. Replaced entirely

It's not something I'd part ways with any time soon at any rate. There is one stamp on the stock, which makes me think it's an honest M1 stock. Maybe not the one that originally came with that rifle...

Honestly if it's a restoration project, it's well done and I don't mind it. Heck, look at these gunsmiths that charge $900 to take a CMP Rack grade Garand and replace everything but the receiver.

Ironically I'd have no way of really finding out unless I took it home.

Thanks for the reality check/warning rfurtkamp. Nice to know what I'm getting into!
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Euc........Underwoods are usually about between 475.00 to 585.00........... just remember to check at the end of the barrel for "Bly Sky Improt" markings.......... they bring in LOW bucks..........if it were a real MIGHT........just MIGHT......bring in the 585.00
Look for a Rock-O-La, Pederson, Winchester, Saganawe type........worth more money for sure.
We have a saganawe.........about 625.00 I think...........I'd let it sit there for as bit......
Euc, you've answered your own question - "I do want it, and I could layaway it" Considering how much original M1 carbines are increasing in value, you'll kick yourself next year if you pass on it. Hey, they're fun to shoot, easy to reload for, and a great home defense weapon. From experience, I sure wish I still had mine - and it wasn't an original.
Yeah I decided I'll go for it. Heck, even if it turns out to be a fake which I don't think it is, there are stampings and whatnot on the receiver/barrel that look "right" to me, that's still locally a fair price on something I wanted to have anyway.

Edit: If nothing else, I looked at the cost of getting a real M1 Carbine receiver somewhere and having it built up... would be much more, about the same price as a lot of the modern repros sell for around here.

So any way I cut it, this thing's not a bargain, but it is in good shape and a fair deal.
Okay I took the plunge today after I told the seller a lesser amount and only if I could take the action and barrel out of the stock and look at it more closely. He said he understood, and go for it. So I stood at the counter with Leatherman in one hand and M1 in the other and took the barrel band and receiver screw loose.

Everything was exactly where it should be. I think I told somebody the other night it had a different mark but I must have been drunk... the barrel is marked "Underwood 12 - 43" and then there's the flaming ball logo... no crossed cannons as I had erroneously misinformed someone.

All the stamps and marks are there, authentic serial number, and although it's in very nice shape indeed, it's definitely over 5 decades old. Real deal, no doubt in my mind. I pointed out a little wear here and there to the seller and he accepted my offer.

The furniture I think is a refinish and perhaps a bit of a mystery there. But everything else - authentic as can be. It's primo too... real primo.
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Sounds even better Euc - and we will - of course, want some pics when you have it.:wink:
Hehe something tells me it'll follow me home a little too early.
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