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Family familiarity

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OK - this ain't CCW per se - more general firearm's useage. Guess it could be equally viable in General Gun Discussions.

Since getting step daughter to range and thinking on various factors after recent situations like NOLA - post Katrina - I am ever more of the opinion that we should ensure that our family members are 'aux fait' with most of our platforms.

I know for instance that my wife (and now to a degree step daughter) can operate usefully the AK. They also know enough to manage most handguns, tho semi's of full size still a bit of a challenge.

Strikes me as important that if need be - we could thrust this that or the other gun at them - in a hurry - with some ammo - knowing that they will not be finding problems over the mechanics - or the actual useage.

I will therefore be adding in some assorted platforms on future range visits and even if that proves difficult to achieve sufficiently - running thru at least the op' mechanics - to achieve a good understanding.

If luxuries permitted, I will also cover failure drills too and field stripping.

Me paranoid?? Nah!!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
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I agree with Chris. Everyone under my roof for more than a few days gets orientation at a minimum. My wife is a pistol instructor, so no worries there. She likes shooting shotguns as well. She doesn't like rifles, but is familiar with the AR15 I have. When my sister lived with us for a few months she was trained on the basics on all three platforms.

Remember you're not paranoid if they really are out to get you.

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