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Family familiarity

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OK - this ain't CCW per se - more general firearm's useage. Guess it could be equally viable in General Gun Discussions.

Since getting step daughter to range and thinking on various factors after recent situations like NOLA - post Katrina - I am ever more of the opinion that we should ensure that our family members are 'aux fait' with most of our platforms.

I know for instance that my wife (and now to a degree step daughter) can operate usefully the AK. They also know enough to manage most handguns, tho semi's of full size still a bit of a challenge.

Strikes me as important that if need be - we could thrust this that or the other gun at them - in a hurry - with some ammo - knowing that they will not be finding problems over the mechanics - or the actual useage.

I will therefore be adding in some assorted platforms on future range visits and even if that proves difficult to achieve sufficiently - running thru at least the op' mechanics - to achieve a good understanding.

If luxuries permitted, I will also cover failure drills too and field stripping.

Me paranoid?? Nah!!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
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We must not become discouraged when some of those in the family are resistant to shooting. In an emergency there are so many useful tasks to be delegated, that everyone should be made to feel an important part of the family plan. Who knows, in exit strategy discussions, perhaps they all will realize the need to become familiar with arms, just in case.
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