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I recently got a Glock 27 on trade with a memeber here, and he had a Federal Arms .357sig conversion barrel for it. I'm having trouble finding info on it online so I fiugred the forum could help out. I'm going to sell it since I have no use for it, but I'd like to at least know how much they cost so I know what to ask for.

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The reason that Federal's barrels are less expensive, is that their made in Korea. Quality is excellent. Bought one for my M 20 about 4 years ago, it just dropped in, works fine.

Added bonus is that the barrels have conventional rifleing and a somewhat tighter chamber ( at least mine does ). This means that you can use lead projectiles and have a slightly greater KB tolerence in case you load on the hot side.

Did have trouble with a couple of their barrels chambered for 357 Sig. With factory ammo, I was getting incipient failure rings on the brass. Since I wanted the brass for reloading, I sent the barrels back.
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FAC, or Federal Arms Corporation of America(apparently made in Korea) was bought out by Century International Arms. By all appearances, these barrels are no longer manufactured, but may still be available through vendors' stock. Personally, I've never heard anything about them until now, but other forums have discussed these barrels' pros and cons. These barrels apparently sold for around an average of $89 in the past, and some may still be available through and such. Keep looking and you'll find as much as you want to since you'll be selling it rather than using it. So I take it the G27 came with the original Glock barrel as well? That's what I would use in it. Glock barrels aint cheap at an average of $150. But they are the best for the Glock pistols of course.
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