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Finally Carried today...

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Well I thought it was about time I tried out my new Holster for my P345. It would be the very first time I carried outside since I received my permit several months ago. I put it on and grabbed my coat cause it's pretty cold out there (it's snowing right now) and off I went to wally world.

I picked up a few things and paid close attention not to raise my arms too high. I was doing pretty good when someone called out my name. It was my aunt that I haven't seen in a long time. She came over to me and held out her arms to hug me and that's when it hit me. She is a Low hugger. My mind was racing a mile a minute and then it came to me what I have read on this fourm.

I put my arms lower than hers so she went high. Whew, that was close. I talked to her for a while and she didn't even have a hint that I was carrying. All in all it was a good experience and everyone was right,,, most people don't have a clue that you are carrying cept this one guy out in the parking lot and he just smiled and nodded his head like he knew. I bet he was also carrying. :yup:

Just thought I would write this so anyone that is a little concerned about carrying for the first time outside and in public not to worry, you will not get a second glance if you conceal properly and to not to adjust something like you are trying to hide it from view.

Just act natual like it suppose to be there and no one will even notice. :biggrin2:
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Very cool, I am real surprised that the guy in the parking lot made you. Feels good to get out and about with the equalizer! you will find that the new carry thing will become second nature and you wont even pay any attention to it at all and resume as normal. It will take a few weeks but it will happen.

I don't know if he really knew but it was just the way he looked at me and nodded as to say,, you are one of the good guys. lol...

I just have to figure out where to carry it without the grip poking me in the ribs. lol...
Congratulations Arkie. If you're carrying strongside, try positioning your pistol where the top of the slide is about a half inch behind the seam of your pants. Work it gradually back until ya' find that sweet spot where it's most comfortable and printing should take care of itself.
I have carried CCW for almost three years now and it becomes second nature unless work or some place you can't. Then you will fill naked. I will also for warn you that you will buy another weapon before its over. I will predict that you will start looking about 2 to 3 months out if your current weapon is the only one.

I suggest you carry what is most natural for you and what you feel comfortable with. I have a 1911, but my .38 snub nose is my primary. When I am out shopping with the wife and I need to answer nature I can slip the snub nose along with its Fobus...yes Fobus holster in my pocket and do my business and head out.

Long story short, good luck and it will become easier. Just act normal most people are really sheeple and they don't pay attention to detail. Be safe.
most folks don't look at ya twice. I have talked w/ several officers who never notice I am carrying.
Its Arkansas man....:image035:

just about everybody is carrying something....:comeandgetsome:
I'll tell you a secret.
Most people don't care that you're carrying.

Keep watching how the holster is fitting on you. You never want anyone to know you'r carring until you have to draw.
Congratulations Arkie

Before you know it you'll be carrying every day & you'll be absolutely comfortable with it all.
You did the classic run to Wally World & you survived the journey! :biggrin2:
A Very Good Start down the road of becoming a responsible and prepared citizen!
The other guy could have just been being friendly but I will admit that when I see a man in a vest, I always wonder how many armed friends I have around me! Good post, thanks for posting it!
Great report, Arkie. It does help illustrate to newer permit holders that as long as you are careful in your carry method, most people will not have a clue. The first time I carried I thought everyone knew....
Haha - love the ''low hold hug'' - very quick thinking! ''Forced her to go high'' - love it :smilez:

Indeed as we all say and know - most folks are all but oblivious - main thing is to resist that urge for constant adjustment and - remember all the small tricks and ploys.

Elbow into side against gun when windy - bending from knees - reach up with weak hand - well, you know the drill but good to think these things thru.
After a While you wont really notice its there .. unless said above you cant carry to work then you feel naked
Hey Arkie,
Welcome to our world. I wonder how many of us head out to Wallie World for the first time carry?
I think it's great that you get to exercise your rights now. Maybe that guy in the parking lot was just being friendly. If you were kind of happy/excited, perhaps he just thought you were a friendly face so he responded in kind. When I first started carrying I wondered what people noticed and was just a bit paranoid for a day or two about "giving it away" but fidgeting, etc. But I doubt if he knew anything unless he could see something.

Anyway, welcome aboard. I know when I started carrying it really felt like I had a greater responsibility to do and be right.

God Bless

Congrats! It really does feel good to know you have the ability to defend yourself if the need ever arrises. After a couple of days, you won't even notice you have it on you. You'll feel naked without it!
Wally World, I think is everyones first try carrying lol
HotGuns said:
Its Arkansas man....:image035:

just about everybody is carrying something....:comeandgetsome:
Pack one or two most of the time.:tongue: Act normal and people treat you normal. I position the 1911's around 3:30 to 4 O clock. Double shoulder rig at times.
Welcome to the Roaming Sheepdog Pack! You'll get used in due time and like everybody's been saying, you will feel naked when you are not carrying. While you are getting used to, be careful about adjusting your gun in public without thinking. It is a dead giveaway that you are packing.
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