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Finally found a holster that works for me

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I tried the crossbreed, bravo concealment, khokster, galco, desanti etc. I was given a belly band and used it but it wasn't the best so I decided to see who made it and see if there are better options. Looked up ace case because that's who makes the holster and found they had a 2 for $20 deal so I said what the hell I'm this far into it what do I got to loose. Got the tuckable and in the pants holster, the tuckable works better on my Taurus mil pro but the in the pants works perfect with my G30. It is obviously not the best construction but it works and its comfortable, ill be buying a couple more here soon for back up. Also found a all kydex holster by on your 6 designs and that one is also great but only works with certain shirts better. Both were $50, after spending and sending It all back with the others ill take it!
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You like the Ace Case better than a supertuck? I guess everyone is different, but I have found the crossbreeds to be the most comfortable and stable holsters I have found so far...they do need to break in though, the leather is stiff when new...also positioning and cant adjustment can make a big difference...
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