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Finally Found One

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After a few months of hunting around all over the state (wanted to stay local before going online) I was finally able to find a Glock 20. I would have preferred the Gen4 but this is a Gen 3 SF and I'm very happy. Now I have to wait for the weather to clear this weekend and get out to the range!

Pics because it's the first glock anyone's seen.....


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I got a 20sf also. Get the buffalo bore ammo if not u still have a 40SW. I carry mine most f the time with a mic holster and a Pachmyer grip....great gun..
Ah, you posted a pic of the Glock...soooo, that's what they look like.:hand9:

Congrats on the '20'...I think you'll be happier with the Gen-3 than the Gen-4...OMO
I just picked one up a few weeks ago as well, great gun so far. I'm running some PPU ammo that I found online, nothing available locally, that is supposed to run at 180gr JHP at is very soft shooting at this level. I will get some of the stouter rounds available and see how they run, but very happy that I picked up the G20 at this point.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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