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Finally Got It !

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picked up my s&w ve40 today California sure can almost kill you with anticipation 10 days sure seems long shot two mags of ammunition trough it felt nice seems to carry alright but as I'm waiting for my ccw in California again with the anticipation i don't know about how it will carry for log duration yes it dose have a long trigger pull but its not a target5 pistol so i can deal with that its really easy to field strip and at 25 feet it seems to place well but it may place better after i got a coupla hundred rounds trough it btw thanks guys for all the info you all gave me while i was waiting will post any new developments i find with this auto
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Glad you are happy with it. Accuracy will usually improve a little as you become accustomed to its handling and put a lot of rounds through it.

You should post a picture of it if you can.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!:wave:
not sure how to get the photo from my email to this site any help would be nice ty
Glad you have it now.

If you have a pic on your hard drive then when writing in message box, look down lower for ''Manage Attachments'' button - then browse to where it is on your puter and select it for upload. Try to keep size reasonable if pos'.
well sorry guys tryed to upload a photo but the dog gone things says its to big waiting for my gf to come over n show me how thinking i need to get smarter about this computer thing need a forum for computer handy caped on this site lol
one more try please bear with me lmao
wow some times im not so dumb i gueseme and the girl friend will have to find some thing else to do lol
Haha - success :smilez: Perseverence and a good lady often help :wink:
only thing i wish was difrent about this auto is i might have the slide matt finished the corps taught me shiny bad dark good oooooooora
Have had my 40 ve for about 3 years now and have not had a single malfuntion. Had alot of accuracy problems but either i got used to it or i wore it in. Great gun for the money and alot more comfy grip than a glock. Huge trigger pull, but like you said its not exactly a match gun.
Nice gun, hope you had fun with the girlfriend :yup:
Having to wait 10 days for a new gun must be one of the worst things ever. Kudos for not going crazy during that period. Hope you enjoy your new handgun.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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