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Finally got my CHL in Oregon

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I just received it in the mail today, took 43 days from application to in hand.
I have Arizona so all I need now is Washington... I have to make a trip up to drop off the application.
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Congratulations! I got mine today as well here in Kentucky. They don't mail them here. You have to go to the local sheriff's office to pick it up, and give them a $20 handling fee. But I am now licensed right along with you. Took 26 days from class to license in hand, thanks to our electronic application process. Kentucky is putting in express lanes to get its citizens legally armed. Is there not much state reciprocity with permits out west?
Reciprocity is non existent in Ca and Or. I dont know why Oregon doesnt..
I mean, I know that Illinois doesn't recognize ANY other state's CCW permits, but I thought it was better nationwide. Though, I have no current plans to travel out west, so I haven't researched their carry laws. That sucks.
I got my Montana permit. The other 3 states I travel to are Oregon, Washington and Idaho. A Montana permit works in Idaho, but not WA or OR
Congrats. Another legally armed citizen joins the ranks.
"Finally" is an adverb reserved for us CA residents. Took me 1 year, but actually only 7 months once we realized the DOJ background check request was not originally submitted. congratulations!
Congrats OP! I know its a good feeling :danceban:
"Finally" is an adverb reserved for us CA residents. Took me 1 year, but actually only 7 months once we realized the DOJ background check request was not originally submitted. congratulations!
And this is why I chose to move to Oregon rather then go for a CHL in Calif. My daughter worked with a guy that got his in Ventura County.. It took well over a year and after all was said and done it cost him around $2000 for it. No thanks! It cost me 113.00 here and getting Washington will be much less. The only reason I would step foot back in Calif is if my son decided to get married..
living here in ca one only needs a total of six other state permits and that would cover all but 6 or 7 states of this great country and they are all up on the east coast. so no loss there.

"special states are Oregon and Illinois".

but with Nevada, Arizona, Idaho. Utah and ca. one can carry in every state west of the mississippi river, except oregon.

illinois, oregon and california are the hold out states for working with other states. of those i have checked.
forget hawaii. they are a forbidden area. are there even any gun stores there????

Alaska is a free state. but have to drive through canada to get there.

your millage may vary, not a lawyer nor did i sleep in a motel last night.
my info may be out of date. so check before traveling.
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Um, I dont think you can carry in Colorado with a Ca permit. They only recip from states that border it and resident permits only and they dont give out non resident permits. I was going to pay the extortion money to Utah because I thought Colorado would alow me to carry there.... then I found out only resident permits work.


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With my Oregon resident, Arizona non-resident and Washington Non-Resident I am covered in just about any state I would ever go to (I dont know anyone in Colorado..) and only my son lives in Ca. and he can come visit me!

If I ever wanted to visit family in Florida then I would just get their permit... Im from Maine and have A LOT of family still there but its a Constitutional carry state so I would open carry if I had to.
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