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I had questioned this group earlier this year about how they qualify annually. Thank you to everyone by the way for providing helpful information.

Much to my surprise Idaho has their stuff together and I got my card last month. Qualification was simple through an LE retiree that was recommended by the local sheriffs office. The sheriff issues an id card that looks like my CCW permit but says "Retired Law Enforcement Concealed Weapons Permit" across the top. Costs $27 for initial and $17 for renewal and it expires in a year.

Those of you that travel have you had issues in other states? Do you rely on the info on or do you look up info through the states individual websites that you are traveling to? I really don't want to buy one of those books that are advertised since laws change all the time. My biggest concern is an LE stop and inform/not inform/required to inform rules and where not to carry etc. Have you had issues with this? Or any other problems? Not that I am a terrible driver or speed all the time but it never fails that I get pulled over when I am somewhere I'm unfamiliar with. I must just look lost or distracted? :embarassed:

Thanks to all.
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