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Finally got my new S&W CS45 to the range

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Got some Gift Cert's for local indoor range for Christmas and used one tonight.
Great shootin little (did I say little?) Pistol.
I wasn't sure how it was gonna shoot with the short handle. I had one finger I wasn't sure what to do with.
Anyway's - had a great time. VERY confident with this being my primary CC now.
From 7 to 15 yards tore up the target pretty good CBM and a few head shots.
The gun's very accurate - more so than I am. Might get better if I can get to the range more often.
My Brother-In-Law was in the stall (or whatever you call it) next to me with his Taurus PT145. I've shot his before & like it pretty good. He's getting where he's not too happy with it. He keeps hitting the mag release by mistake during shooting.
He shot my CS45 and likes it better.
Ya sure can go through a box of 100 rounds fast.
I'd like to go to an outdoor range or in the woods one day and shoot various objects besides paper (mellons & other fruit) just to see what happens.
Too sleepy to clean it tonight - probably will do that tomorrow. I don't want to wait any longer. I guess that's all for now. Happy New Year everyone & God Bless you all.
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Army - good result, and that is what is needed to gain the confidence needed for primary carry.
Ya sure can go through a box of 100 rounds fast.
Ain't that the truth! :wink:
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