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Commentary by Mike Roberts 3/12/06

Once again I turned to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) for this interesting piece of statistics. A new report from the National Safety Council shows that accidental firearm-related fatalities remained at record lows in 2004. Statistics in the council’s “Injury Facts 2005-2006” show a 48 percent decrease over a 10-year period ending in 2004.

Here’s one they never tell you on the tube when they are slamming gun owners, and that is that the council’s most recent data shows that of the 106,742 U.S. residents that died in accidents of all types, less than 1 percent involved firearms! The most common deadly accidents involved motor vehicles, poisonings and falls claiming 74 percent of all accidental deaths.

“Increased awareness of gun safety and responsible firearms storage have undeniably played a huge part in keeping these numbers at their lowest level ever,” said Doug Painter, NSSF president.

Nice article

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1% eh- well that I reckon is a superb figure - compared with what VPC, Brady Bunch etc try and claim.

Obviously any one death from a gun related event that might have the label ''accident'' is one that should not have happened but heck - consider the legal ownership figures and compare those to that 1% - 1,670 nation wide - guess it could be even way better but it sure puts things into perspective!

Ban automobiles - ban poisonous substances and ban gravity :wink:
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