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Since all of our bullet casters will be dropping into this thread I thought I would just add this in mostly because I just remembered it.

This local guy that used to reload all of my .45 acp Lead Round Nose for me used to add a couple of feet of this into his casting Lead. It has to be HARRIS STAY-BRITE.

He passed away some years ago. Really decent older WWII Vet that used to charge me almost nothing as long as I brought him back the brass.

I would certainly always do that and I would always buy him something really nice every Christmas.

This sells for about $30.00 for a one pound roll on it's not cheap stuff but, he swore that adding some of it to his casting metal greatly improved everything from appearance to accuracy.

I guess that since he would only add a couple of feet of it into each melt one roll lasted a modestly long time.

SO...I thought I would just stick this in here since it really does not warrant or need its own thread.

So here it is (below) in case anybody wants to experiment with it.

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