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First Gun Purchased

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Well I went to the gun show in Orlando viewing different guns and holding each to see which felt best in my hand.
I went with the Springfield DX9 subcompact. it felt great. and I will pick it up on Thursday, I am very excited.
Any one have this gun and have any opinions on it or what ammo it likes. Right now I have speer +p 124gr JHP and Federal 115gr JHP home defense.
Thanks for the input!
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I remember my first gun purchase...S&W M&P Full Size 9...great feeling. Congrats to you! Have a blast as you practice and train and learn all you can.
thanks I appreciate it, im thrilled I was going back and forth between the XD9 and the M&P 9C and the XD just felt better in my hand I really like the M&P tho so who knows what the future will bring
Congrats. I almost went with an XD9, not the subcompact though. I really wanted an XDm9, but didn't want to spend that much extra.

When I finally made a purchase, I ended up with a Glock. Mostly because I don't have much patience and I was ready to buy and the Glock was available.

Between the XD, XDm and Glock, the XDm felt the best in my hand, but it was anywhere from $150 to $250 more than the XD and the Glock.

I think you'll be pleased with your decision. I know a few people that have XD's and are happy with them.

As for what ammo they feed it, I have no clue.
Congrats on getting your gun!
As for the ammo, youll have to run a few mags to know what your pistol will eat
Congrats! The XD's are quality guns. Should be fine with most quality ammo. Practice practice practice. Try several types and go with whichever is most reliable and you feel most comfortable shooting, all bullets perform better when we can do our part and put them where they need to go.
Thanks Alot! I am going to try a lot of different types through it and hopefully Ill find what it likes and dislikes. I know from what I have read and heard Springfield makes a good gun so I am pretty happy with the decision I made
Congrats...keep us posted as to how it works out for you
As for the ammo, youll have to run a few mags to know what your pistol will eat
To go along with this, I recommend starting off with FMJ/Ball ammo to break the gun in first...then cycle through different "defense" rounds to find out #1 what the gun likes best and #2 what you feel the most comfortable using for that application.

FMJ/Ball will be cheaper (granted nowadays that sounds funny) than defense rounds.

Just my 2 cents.
My EDC is an XD9sc. As I've said before, I find mine to be both accurate and reliable, and only expect that you will find the same. I've found that Speer Gold Dots work perfectly for me. You made some outstanding choices. Now, get out and shoot it!
Congrats great choice. My son has my old xdsc 9mm. And that gun eats everything thats fed to it. Brass cased steel cased and some of my crappy reloads when I was just starting to reload. Get her good and broke in and youll have a good gun. Enjoy.
XD 9SC is a great shooter. I have a duotone and an all black model.

go here to pick up extra mags at a reasonable price.....limit 5 per type of mag purchased.

9MM : Springfield Armory Store

also would recommend 147gr JHP for self defense. Heavier bullets provide better penetration than the lighter
115gr bullets.
congrats !!! the xd 9 is a fine gun and will shoot any type of ammo.....however, this being your first gun, im not sure you should have bought +p ammo.. Speer gold dot is a proven round but getting that second shot back on target might be a problem for you... try it and also try regular loaded home defense rounds and see which you shoot better....have fun !!

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