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first little project - PPQ sight replacement

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Feeling accomplished - just installed a set of Trijicon HDs (orange ring) on my PPQ M2 9mm. It took all of 5 minutes with the tools I already had. The front sight screw was finicky, but I managed to finagle it eventually. Compared to the ordeal that changing my Shield sights had been (I ultimately gave up and paid a gunsmith to do it, who charged me $60 for it)... this was a non-issue.

... as if I didn't have enough reasons to love the PPQ.

The sights are pretty awesome. I think I like them better than the TFX PRO I have on the Shield. The front sight is easier to pick up for sure... in almost any light.

I also read a lot about the TP-9 mags being exactly the same as the Walther (for range not carry of course), and I have one of the 18-rounders on order to test that hypothesis.
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Pics? Had the tfx on my PPQ, while the sights were nice it changed the poa/poi for me.
I also went with Trijicon HDs with the orange outline on my compact PPQ. I think they work.
For the PPQ long slide, I went with Dawson FO and Turul blacked out rear.
Not sure what I want to do for the PPS M2.
I put a couple sets of Trijicon HDs on my PPQ-9 M1 and on my PPS-9 M1, both went on very easy. I also have them on my HK P2000 and my P30L, the HDs have positively become my favorite defensive pistol sight. I still use Dawson FO fronts and plan black rears on my range/game guns, but the HDs really are a great all around sight. All 4 sets of mine are orange.

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