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First Revolver, SP101

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I have recently purchased a new to me Sp101 357 mag with the 2.25" barrel. I took it to the range yesterday and tried it out with some .38spl 125g ammo. It was consistently printing 3" low and about 3-4" to the left at 7 yards.

I am planning on trying a few different ammo brands and bullet weights before I take a file to the front sight. I assume it's normal to shoot a bit low. Right?

I intend to carry the revolver once I am satisfied with the accuracy. I will probably only shoot a minimal amount of magnum ammo.

I suspect that it was more me and less revolver that was off the mark on this outing. Is there a bullet weight progression I should follow to minimize the shoot and see time frame?

Here's a picture and I look forward to any advice for accurizing that you may offer.

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I heard that Ruger sets these SP101's up to be accurate with 158gr mag loads. I was using 125 gr mags and switched to the 158's and it shoots where I point it. Mine is a 3" model though, you will have to try a few different bullet weights to see what shoots best in yours.
Don't file on the gun yet!

If the sights are designed for the .357 magnum velocity , then of
course a .38 will shoot low.

For plinking - just compensate.

For practice , try a +P .38 load

But for carrying , sight in with a .357 load .
(if you plan on using them)
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I'm with Bruce here. The slower the load is, the higher it shoots in a pistol/revo. If your going to the .357 Mag. loads try the heavier ones (bullets)before you file or otherwise alter. If you try a .357 Mag. at another 300(or so)fps over the special loading the weapon should shoot even lower. Simple reason....... during recoil,bbl flips the bullet up. More so with the heavier(slower) bullets.

Another reccomendation would be to(instead of permanantly altering the weapon) hold more(look at more,be able to see more)front sight. That will bring your grouping up. Expierament with this before you cut,IMO. Let us know how this comes out please. ----------
Shooting to the left is maybe a trigger issue. Is that shooting double action? It is easy to pull it off a bit with a heavy trigger, particularly with a shorter barrel revolver like that. And the heavy bullet/higher poi relationship is true in my experience.
Good luck. I like those ruger revolvers.
God BLess
This is my carry gun. :hand10: Mine shoots right on with .357 or .38's (at 25ft).

Excluding sights, low and left is generally a "flinching" issue. :nono: You can easily test this by leaving loading up all but 1 cylinder and spinning it. Fire as normal and pay attention to what happens when you unknowningly pull the trigger on the empty cylinder. Better yet, have a friend stand behind you when you shoot and watch for the flinch.

I've been carrying this gun for years and am very happy with it.

Good luck and good shooting.
Make sure its not flinch then try different ammo most 357's are sighted in with 158 rounds a hotter 125 38+P load might bring the hits on target back to POA
Hello. My SP101 is the 3 1/16" bbl version. It hit low with the few .38's I fired in it and came more and more "on" with the mid-range 125-gr. .357 magnums and was spot on @ 15 yards with the 145-gr. Winchester STHP's. If interested, the pictures are in the article here: SP101 Report.htm

Have an SP101 with same barrel length. I haven't shot much 38 spl in it. 357 loads shoot pretty much dead on. Between different loads I can't tell much difference at 7 yards.
My wife has a SP101, and we both like it. It shoots where I point it at.

I don't understand what the weight of the bullet has to do with where the round hits. If you are doing every thing by the book.
A heavier bullet will take longer to exit the barrel - which means the barrel will have risen higher (due to recoil) before the bullet exist - putting it at a higher POI. However, at 7 yards offhand, I'm not sure the difference matters.
Woody...welcome to the forum.

Congrats on getting a great gun!
+1 fer joe -- I have a 7 1/2" SuperBlackhawk that shoots the 300gr.XTP's,6" higher than the 240's @ 25yds. My turkey load(250gr @750fps)shoots 12" higher at 25 yds. It's not so much the weight of the bullet,but the speed of the bullet, that causes the rise in the POI. Also remembering that the length of bbl will make a difference also.------

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Second what others have said about bullet weight and flinch.
I'd try 158 grain loads.

The "left" part may be your trigger squeeze, some people "push" the gun left others "pull" it right when they squeeze the trigger. Usually because the either have too much finger on the tgrigger (using the first joint instead of the pad) or not enough (using ony the tip). Make sure you're pulling straight back with the pad of your finger.
I love my SP101 and mainly have been using .38 +P in it. It's been dead on accurate with those and with .357's. 125 grain in both cases.
Ruger SP101, 3" BBL

I've had a 3" SP101 for several years. It pretty much shoots where I'm looking with .38 Special or .357 Magnum ammo (even CCI Blazers). At SD ranges (21 feet), I have acceptable groups with full-power ammo shooting fast DA. I love this little wheelgun!
I also think the SP 101 is an excellent carry piece. My personal carry piece is the 3" GP 100 with fixed sights. I know it is kind of big and heavy, but I like the extra heft as it makes a dandy impact weapon in a pinch!
Wow, Kevin, that is a great looking piece. As comfortable as the Hogue grips are I am definitely looking for some good looking wood.
I love the wood grips but they don't absorb the recoil as much!!
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