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First time loaded

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Heard what sounded like a gunshot today, and tonight for the first time I put a loaded magazine in my AR and left it under the bed. Gotta say there's a comfort to it. Wondering what experience made anyone here start keeping a home defense weapon?
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Well mine was after my blacksheep sister had some problems at 18 i was 11 and dad showed me the 357 magnum loaded and under the bed..

He know i could handle it so just incase something happened ever since then i have slept with a loaded shotgun or handgun when i was old enough to own them next to the bed
Reading the Ayoob files if it counts as an experience.
6pm News
Having someone try breaking into our old home the day after we moved out.
First time around was when I was in High School and lived with my mother and grandmother. I was already into shooting and had plently of guns but never kept any loaded. That changed the day I found out the son of my neighbor was a drug dealer and was dealing and using in the house next door. The 9mm Taurus was always at the ready with the 12 gauge or Mini-14 added if "Hippy Skippy" (my nickname for him) was having a party.

I stopped shooting for a few years and sold my guns. :aargh4: But after constant news reports of people getting carjacked or home invasions I decided to rearm. Plus I just plain missed shooting. My XD-40 is either on me or within reach whenever I am home now and will always be with me once I get my CCW. I also plan on adding an AR and a 12 gauge to the mix in the near future.
We had these 2 crazy girls renting the house next to us. They wound up getting stalked by this huge guy I had met over there at one time. I would see the guy on the street in his car, and he left some nutty notes in peoples' mailboxes, accusing the girls (college students who dressed like hookers) of being crack addicts.
I had a wife and two small children. When the guy broke down their back door one day I figured it was only a matter of time before the girls showed up yelling at my front door, with "Ed" following close behind.
The 12 gauge stayed loaded after that.
God Bless
One day I crawled out from under my rock...yeah, too many reasons to list.
I was raised on firearms. I never knew that other people actually never had loaded firearms in the house until I was in my early teens.
Nothing in particular. I've always enjoyed shooting and never liked feeling defenseless, so I guess 1+1=CCW.
No specific experience - just awareness of the "outside world" getting crazier and more unpredictable. More drugs, more booze, more crime....being out in the woods...just made sense.
Raised with guns since childhood, so it was just a 'natural' progression to own my own unloaded :)redface: ) hangun as I grew older. It wasn't until acquiring my ccw that I gained the education and training to feel comfortable keeping it 'cocked & locked'.

This is unfortunately a sick, depraved world that we live in. :frown:
I grew up with firearms in the house. All loaded. A 12 gauge shotgun by the backdoor all the time. "If it isn't loaded, it might as well be a baseball bat", is what my Dad used to say. And you know what, they were never an issue. I was taught about guns and their safety. both the gun handling safety, and the safety they provide in a home. I was taught to respect a firearm from a young age. They are not toys, they are not things you fool with, they have a purpose.
The only time I did not have a loaded gun in the "house" with me, is when I lived in the dorms at college. probably the place you need one the most! but my girlfriend/fiancee (now wife), kept one at her apartment off campus. I was there alot!
Carrying daily was a natural progression of having that "comfort" others have mentioned of having one in the house.
It is both a tremendous responsibility but is very comforting to have a loaded firearm handy at all times.
Im another one that has had guns in the house since I was old enough to remember. My dad always had the 12ga double barrel in the bedroom and .357 in the sock drawer. I guess its only natural that I have learned to keep one around, mines an 8-shot mossberg 500 persuader 12ga loaded with 000 buck (yes 000 not 00).
I guess I started a home defense plan after realizing early on that the fuzz can't protect me and mine 24/7.....
Never really thought about it. Ever since I have lived on my own I have had a loaded gun. Went out shooting one day and came home with a loaded gun and just left it loaded. At the time it was just target loads, but I have since learned a lot more about ballistics and maintenence.

Now they remain clean and loaded.
I do not remember the reason that first decided my armed and ready position but I have held to it for more years than I care to recall. I keep a 1911 fully loaded with one in the pipe, The Wife has a snubby 38 on her side of the bed and a 12 ga Mossberg riot shotgun stands behind the door. Enter at your own risk is the idea here.
srfl said:
I guess I started a home defense plan after realizing early on that the fuzz can't protect me and mine 24/7.....
+1, Society is going down the tubes and being that I work with teens on a counseling level. We have parents that don't care and simply apologize for negative behavior. They are breeding tomorrows scumbags.
"Wondering what experience made anyone here start keeping a home defense weapon?"

Reality. :yup:
My father kept the cash box for his country store and a loaded revolver under the bed from as far back as I can remember. I had firearms around my home off and on from the time I move out, but when my father died in 1982 and I inherited the revolver it went right to where it had always been on the floor under my side of the bed. Since then there has never been a time that there was not a loaded firearm of some sort in our bedroom. For the lost 5 months it has been my carry pistols. Right now and for the forseeable future those are a Sig P239 and a Kel-Tec P32 each with a spare mag next to it. My wife keeps her Bersa 380 in her night stand drawer with extra mag.
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