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I'm one of the old guys. When I was born, Truman was President.

As a kid, I grew up with guns but never had much use for them myself. Then about three years ago, something in my brain clicked on and I decided to take a pistol class.

Since then I have fired a minimum of 10,000 rounds per year (and have the empty wallet to prove it).

My main carry gun is a S&W640 snubbie loaded with Speer Gold Dot JHP 135gr 38special +p. Sometimes I carry my Kimber Custom TLE II loaded with Speer Gold Dot 230Gr JHP. On rare occasion, I will carry my S&W620.

I compete frequently in USPSA competitions, go to the range weekly and get additional training as often as the finance minister (she who must be obeyed) will let me.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment as originally intended by our Founding Fathers.

I use the same user name on every forum I frequent because I lack imagination. Heck, at my age I'm happy to remember my real name.

I consider myself an activist, so I open carry frequently just to let the people know that good guys DO carry guns, but mostly I carry concealed.

Finally, (as you have already noted, perhaps) I suffer from oral diariha.:redface:
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welcome Paul! New member here also.:wave:
Welcome Paul!
PaulG you sound like a man after my own heart. I was in grade school when Truman was president.:danceban:
:rofl: "Finance Minister"....that's priceless! Welcome from RI.
Hey Paul - another ''quite oldie'' here!

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Excellent, another Senior Citizen! Welcome, PaulG.:image035:

Got ya beat by a few years, FDR was the Prez when I came into this world.
Paul welcome to the forum.

BTW: You're not the only one on this forum that can remember Truman! :smile:
Welcome to CC! Glad to have you with us!
Welcome Paul....back when I was a USAF butter bar, we used to call the spouse "Higher Headquarters."
My 'Higher Headquarters' and I got married in 1974 and after 32 years she still refers to our relationship as 'our 5 wonderful years of marriage' :confused:

I look forward to being a regular here.:banana:
I too am at the half century mark, but you're as old as you feel and my lady and I feel younger everyday, she is debm1911 here, and welcome to the group. I think you will like it here, lots of friendly folks and good info too, such a deal for a little typing.
Welcome, Paul. I was born in Janurary of the year the Chicago Tribune declared "Dewey Wins!" So I too have been around a while. Glad you found us and look forward to your participation in CC.
Welcome to the forum - :smile:
Welcome from Washington State.
Welcome Paul. Pearl Harbor was two years in the future when I made my appearance.
Welcome from California
Hi There, welcome to the forum!
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