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Full length Guide Rod-the rod that holds the recoil spring. I have read comments that its useless etc. Please explain the good and bad points about a FLGR!! Do we need it if not what goes in its place, please be specific I am interested in this subject. Thanks all.
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If you toss it you need a shorty GI plug and a STD Gi style spring cap ...

There are for and against im not much for them as they add to take down ... The one in my smith wesson 1911sc is a one piece so you could take it down no tools if need be if you can keep the recoil spring cap from cutting your fingers to bits since its hollow in the front and sharp.

On my springer loaded its a 2 piece design so you need a allen wrench to take apart the guide rod( its longer than a one piece also) then you can take down no tools from there as long as you dont mind losing fleash from you finger tips..

As to what they do supposedly they prevent spring bind and kink dont see how a spring ina contained area can kink or bind but what do i know..

Best reason for having one i read was in a Jerry Kuhnhausen's fine books that a guide rod will make sure the slide runs straight back and wont tend to slide side to side durning recoil prolonging the tightness of the slide to frame fit ..

Again i dont know if its true or not .. I havent replaced the guide rod in either of my 1911's that have them yet but have the parts to do it here for my springfield

One other negitive about a 2 piece rod is they like to unscrew and launch down range..

Now as for most other guns and why they have the guide rod i say its to ease in taking it apart espically the captive springs.. couldnt imagine trying to put back together my HK glock ruger or the short tiem i have a sig with no guide rod no way to hold spring in place...

This is just what i think you mileage will vary
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Have heard by some of the "1911 GURU's" that it's totally useless.(But can't find out why I should not have one) I have one in one of my 1911's(Colt)and It seems to shoot better. Seems to tame the recoil of the CORBON's better but could be dreamin'. Have heard that it is a real hassle to disassemble the weapon with a FLGR in but can't say as I believe that either. Lot's of the guru's say to ALWAYS leave the 1911's the way that they wuz ment to be,but can't say that I understand that either. Not with all the aftermarket parts offered for them. (How many 1911's do you see being used in competition that are bare a$$ stock ??) My opinion is that it's not a cure-all for what you percieve could be wrong with your 1911---but will it hurt the 1911 by adding a FLGR ?? I am not an authority on the 1911,but I say no it wont. Do you gotta have one ?? I say no.---------
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Good writeup Bud, thanks! RSSZ, thanks for the response, nothings wrong with my shooter, just wanted input on the FLGR. My FLGR in my Wilson is one piece. I have noticed sometimes it sticks up a hair preventing the spring cap to fullly seat. When this happens you cannot get the barrel bushing to turn in place.
I have seen a FLGR snug-up a Gold Cup Commander that rattled like a tamborine and could not group under 3". A little rail peening was also in order, but the rod brought an immediate and notable difference.
I am not one to comment in as much as - never been there! However, if my input monitor over a long time on boards etc and in discussions with other shooters is anything to go by ..... the score is pretty much ''forget it''!

I have been interested because the theory sounds good, logical even. But feedback counts for more than just theory.
ill also toss in this is another thing like chevy or ford pepsi vs coke

i prefer mine the way JMB designed it and all but my most recent 2 dont have the guide rods and i just havent bother to change them yet...
To each his own....but I will pass.

Recent arrival..something else to sell and charge you for.

A long time ago when I shot bullseye, none of the guns built by Clark, Giles, Chow, AMU, or AFMU had them.

No one has ever been able to show me a reason for the FLGR.
Now there is an old name Giles, seen a couple of guns he built. Some of the old bulls eye shooters have guns built by the old timers. Some of those guys are close to 80 now, one old fellow was still shooting til he was 85. They were a good group. Didn't mean to get off topic there.
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