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Florida CWP in 63 days

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New member here. Sent in the completed application on June 12, UPS overnight delivery, to arrive on June 13. My CWP arrived August 13.
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Congrats on the new permit and welcome from the Rockies
:wave: Hi and welcome from Fort Worth TX!
Maybe mine will come faster than i expected, mailed mine off the 10th.. Congrats!!
Welcome from South Carolina.
Welcome to the forum!
welcome from another in Florida

from Central Florida!

Only 63 days, eh? That is certainly half the waiting time of the 'norm'. Do you have a relative working there?:rolleyes:

ret :31:
Welcome from Kentucky.
Welcome from SE Texas! :wave:
Good to see the wait coming back down, even in light of the extremely high number of apps.

Welcome, and congrats on your license!

Welcome from Virginia.
Greetings and Welcome from Fayetteville, NC!!!
Welcome from Florida
welcome from the panhandle of Texas
Welcom and congratulations from Michigan!
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