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Flying Guns out of Illinois

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My aging parents live in the Chicago suburbs. Dad was always an avid shooter, hunter and at one-time a gunsmith so he has a few nice firearms. As he no longer shoots, I was thinking of rescuing a few of his guns and bringing them to the safety of Texas before his state becomes any more restrictive (see Mods, no political comments from me:rant:). Does anyone know (particularly those forum members from the Illinois) if I can simply pack them in a check-able, lockable hard-case and fly them out of a Chicago airport? The airline (Southwest) does not present a problem as I'll have them broken down and unloaded but getting them through Midway Airport may be a little hairy. I do not have a FOID card and I don't want to break any laws, just get a few choice pieces to the relative safety of Texas. I have even thought of using one of the locking, hard-case golf bags with extra foam inserts to get them past airport security unchallenged (I don't think a guy with a golf bag would attract much attention).
The fall-back plan is to pay to ship them to an FFL near my home but I wanted to know if there was a cheaper solution.