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It's a large pistol. According to the on-paper measurements, my 1911 is comparable in size, but actually holding, shooting, and carrying the pistols make the FiveseveN feel like a very different animal. It feels 'clunky' to me and is not very user-friendly for medium or smaller hands. If I wanted a high-capacity polymer gun I'd pick up a Glock 19 or M&P 9mm.


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Just wondering if anyone owns one or uses it for as their primary carry. Anything good or bad you have to say about them?
I don't carry it, the size makes it a bit big for concealed carry. It wasn't designed for that in the first place.

The pistol itself is very well made...high quality, reliable, very accurate and easy to maintain...all things you'd expect in a military duty weapon. Initially the trigger felt spongy but it has gotten nicer as rounds go by.

I love the magazines...easiest to load of any pistol I've ever used. I like the ergonomics. Good firm, stable grip. Follow up shots come fast with this pistol.

The ammo is one of the few rounds that was available AO (after Obama), and the price has remained stable as opposed to all other calibers. I pay between $15 to $20 per box.

The FiveseveN is a good home defence round as bullet solves the penetration problems as well as any round on the market.

The cons are few... it is a loud report, the muzzle flash is dramatic. My local indoor range doesn't allow the round. They are afraid of splash-back.

They aren't cheap. I still see them for sale at way over $1000. There seems to be a good number of used for sale on the big 3 internet auctions at decent prices.

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I myself am a huge HK fan. I carry P7M8 on a dialy basis because I am a smaller person and I can conceal it with an inside the waistband holster better than just about anything. I also carry an HK USP compact in .45 but it is harder for me to conseal.

Now..... as for the 5.7..... I bought one awhile back for my "nightstand gun" There are like any other gun pros and cons.

The pros are as follows...
-Magazine Capasity (20 rounds) also has 30 rd extension capability.
-The gun comes with 3 mags.
-There is relatively no recoil
-The ammo is very fast moving(rifle velocities)
- The ammo comes in boxes of 50 instead of 25 and usually the same price as a box of .45
-The gun is fully ambi.
-The cleaning schedule is to inspect every 1000 rounds and clean every 2000 rounds.
-It is extremly light. Weighs less loaded than a glock 17 unloaded.

The cons
-Its a larger gun
-Not many holsters made for it yet.
-It is one of the only guns to have legislation out to ban just it by itself.

Now... Not many people know that this gun has been around since the 80s but was only available to law enforcement. The market only warmed up to this weapon in the early 2000s. This round was been the source of debate for several years now b/c of the "armor piercing" capability. The AP round is Law Enforcement only. The round is designed to not over pentrate when it hits a watery mass. When is strikes something with a watery mass it starts to tumble south. It is basically a mini 223

I have found myself ranting... but to make a long story short I would trust this gun because 1)Bullet velocity 2)Mag capacity 3) Easy follow up shot. All this combined is what would give an advantage if you ever had to use it (heaven forbid). And this round has proved itself (regretably) a couple of months ago.
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