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I am intereseted in getting a FNH p-40 I am havent really read any review on them yet. Can any one tell me that has had them anything about them. I am not really interest in just hearing they are great or they suck because it isn't your fav flavor of gun. Please give me reasons so I don't go and purchase something that is a peice of crap and waste my money
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I can only tell you about the FNP-9, but the FNP-40 and 9 are based on the same frame, etc. I haven't had any problems with it and I like it. The only thing that didn't come to mind until after I bought it is how aftermarket items such as springs, extractors, etc. are not available. I have no idea how something as simple as replacing a magazine spring can be done without buying a whole new magazine. Also, the firearm doesn't come with a manufacturer lifetime warranty so if you plan on keeping the firearm for a long time it might be something to think about. I bought the gun from Davidson's so I get a lifetime warranty from them, but I'm not sure if that covers simple things such as springs. What if one day you need an extractor or firing pin spring and they no longer support the gun; what then? Food for thought.
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