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Way back in February I posted this thread...

Thanking some folks and detailing a gun/holster/belt purchase I'd made that day. Well, a lot of water under the bridge since then. The four items (I added some Davidson Grips) didn't show-up in quite the order I expected. The Beltman belt came first, then the grips (they were really fast - I ordered them and had them in hand within a week), then the VMII HS and finally, last week, the Sig RCS - that's right, 9.5 months. It's like a gestation period. I picked it up on 11/24 - the day my dealer called me. The "born-on" date on the case was 11/18. Sig is really pushing them out the door.

I believe that Thumper requested a picture once everything showed-up - little did we realize at the time LOL. So here you go. This is going to be my EDC, as soon as I get to a range and do some reliability testing.


Pizza Bob


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