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for LEOs, your favorite BUG AND location?

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I have been talking to our regular deputies about BUGs (among other topics) during my ride-alongs while still in the academy. A significant number do not carry a BUG, as they are more worried about losing it in a scuffle. We wear our normal brown deputy shirts (with concealed vest), 5.11 tactical pants and some kind of boot. A number of deputies would like to go to an external vest, but I'm not holding my breath on that count, as our Sheriff is a good guy, but very traditional in outlook.

I have thought about a baby Glock in 9, with a pocket holster carried in the right cargo pocket, but it would be a big, heavy lump.:nono:

I also know that I don't know much about the more inventive options--so, what are your thoughts and suggestions??:scratchchin:

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Well no info yet? Maybe this is something LEOs don't like to discuss? Well how about a mini buttoned up in the front pocket? 'bout an EX-LEO...I carried a BUG J clipped to a slit in my boot in a leather IWB holster...and a .45 Combat Commander in a shoulder holster under my coat in winter...and under my shirt at 12:00 in summer...(there wasn't nearly as much of me then) warm weather, most I know use a snub J in a holster attached to their vest straps under the deputy out your way carries a J in his front pants pocket... thing you need is a spare handcuff key taped inside your pants belt in back...another in case nobody's told you...another's a knife you can reach weak-handed and open easily to protect your gun hand and retain your gun...don't mind an old training officer...we never quit ...

Well no info yet? Maybe this is something LEOs don't like to discuss? Well how about a mini buttoned up in the front pocket?
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snub44---Advice--YES!! I want it!!!!:yup: And, no, nobody has mentioned the spare handcuff keys taped to the belt. Thank you. If you or others have additional words of wisdom, I'm all ears......(well, since this is on a computer, perhaps all eyes is more accurate)........ more bit, then...go on the net and find a copy(used, even) of Bill Jordan's No Second Place Winner ...oughta be less than $20...I read it as a rookie and it changed/saved my to talk to the man once before he died and tell him what it'd meant to me and crammed my rookies' ears full of it...don't know how many copies I've given to young cops but I'm down to you gotta find your own...WELL worth the money and's not but about 125 pages...he was a US Border Patrol Officer and no BS...(well, maybe a LITTLE)'ll like it...if you don't, I'll send you a check...
I don't carry a BUG anymore. But, back in the day, I might dependent on assignment. Usually a airweight j frame in the weak side front trouser pocket.
ii carry a glock 23 on duty and ive toying with the idea of putting a glock 27 on my ankle or in a pocket...havent fully researched it yet but its a possibility.

at a dept i worked at i know a guy who had one on his ankle, one in his right pants pocket (not cargo), and his duty weapon...he was the dept's firearms instructor haha
I carry a PF9 in a holster on the straps of my vest under my duty shirt..
Probably isnt the smartest thing to discuss on a open internet forum.
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