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Went into one of the local gunshops this AM and was talking with the owner about a promotion that he was running with the help of Glock.

All modles of Glocks have been sold at a reduced rate to LEO's,firemen,active duty military and a couple of other groups that have slipped my mind.This "promotion" has been going on for a couple of months IIRC.

Awhile back I complained that it was not right that a person that had just joined the military or the police force could get the reduced rate but someone that had retired from either could not. I got some of my friends to go down to the shop and tell the owner what they though also.

Today the owner told me that he got the promotion extended to the above groups also.

Seems that the average savings were somewhere between 60 and 85 bucks over the other priced Glocks.

The model that I talked to him about was the G20. New in box,WITH 3 hicap mags,was $ the above groups of people.

I'm not a big Glock fan , but if this is really a good deal I just wondered if some of the other Glock stocking dealers are offering this. You Glock guys should check this out.This could be a great chance to pick up some more tactical tupperwear.

Anybody that is in my area that wants the name and address of the gunshop,shoot me a PM. --------
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I am active duty Navy and have purchased two Glocks using the discount. At my local Glock LEO dealer I can get them for $398 (without the nightsights) which is at least $100 bucks in savings from the normal price. (Actually I've priced used Glocks in very good shape that were still more expensive than I can get them new.)

Anyway, the reason I'm posting is that it was my understanding that the standard Glock promotion also covered retired officers and military folks. I thought there was a thread on this over at Glock Talk but can't find it now.

Either way, nice to know that those that have served us in the past are able to take advantage of this cool benefit.
The 520 isn't that good a deal for the glock 20 i paid that with the 3 mags and im not a leo or retired military thats just std price here has the G20 listed at $495.43 plus ship, plus transfer.
I believe that Glock has always extended the LEO/Mil discount to ret. members. However, many dealers did not know it. I got a G 30 about a month ago as a ret. LEO for $470 (no extra mag with the 30, extra mags for hi-cap only). G 17s, 19s and some others were as low as 399 with the 3 mags. I confirmed the above with Glock CS before I went to the dealer they said was a true LEO dealer.
I just picked up a second G26 with night sights for $493 with the discount. My local shop always runs discounts for LEO/Military, so that's where I shop.
Thanks for all the input guys. This is what I was lookin' for. Looks to me that the $520 for the G20..... WITH....3 hicaps isn't too bad a deal,but not the fabulous deal that the owner was tring to pass it off as either.

Also I figure that all dealers pay the same for the Glocks that they sell at this discount but could be wrong. -------
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