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Ever wonder what you'd do if a psycho with a knife charged at you?
Or how you'd really handle a multiple adversary situation?

Interactive Gunfighting Tactics is the future of defensive/tactical training. This ground-breaking class was developed and is presented by the author of the best-selling books Tactical Advantage and Combative Perspective - Gabe Suarez. This course is Pure CQB Gunfighting Skills, and will connect what you do on the range with what you must do on the street to win a fight.

Typical marksmanship-based gun training leaves many questions unanswered. There is a great deal that you still don't know about street combat if all you've done is shoot paper targets of go an the typical "burglar hunt" in a shoot house. Learn what is missing in typical gun training courses and why its so important that you attend this class. Interactive Gunfighting is pure street reality featuring high intensity, short duration combat at close range against live human beings with modern force on force technology. It is specifically designed for the private citizen, and focuses on civilian street situations. Learn to defend against a single adversary bent on cutting you with a training knife, as well as against multiple adversaries suddenly drawing guns and firing at you. Learn what it takes to overcome home invaders, takeover robbers, hostage takers and active shooters! In today's environment, everyone has a need to know.

The training is open to ALL civilian students, and is the sort of class you can attend over and over again to maintain your edge!!. Fight-focused NOT Gun-focused !!

Tuition: $350.00
Duration: 2 days 9am-5pm
Ammunition: No Live Ammo Needed
Requirements: Airsoft Pistol*, Paintball Facemask, Long Sleeve Hooded Sweatshirt, Gloves,
Dates & Locations: February 18-19, 2006
Instructor(s): Gabe Suarez
Register: Through Suarez International
(Office) 928-776-4492
(Fax) 928-776-8218

Note: We will bring some Airsoft Training Guns for rental at the class, but if you have your own, please bring it with you. If you'd like to purchase one prior to the class, we can direct you to Atlanta Airsoft It is essential that you bring the safety gear we mentioned. We can loan you a facemask while you are at the class, but you must bring a hooded sweatshirt and gloves. A t-shirt is not sufficient.

What our graduates say:

"Gabe has progressed the Interactive Gunfighting Course to a whole other level. This is not your usual room clearing tactics course. This is absolutely cutting edge training. I knew that this course was going to be better than my last course (that was an excellent class) but I had no idea how much better the course could actually be. Gabe took it in directions that I had not even considered.

For those of you that have thought about it, You have to do it! We had guys come from as far away as L.A. Wyoming, Washington, and Ohio. This course is going to continue to progress and become more and more popular as time goes by, without a doubt!"
R. Phillips - Business Owner

"Gabe, this class was outf***standing! Your hard work paid off in spades. I am very humbled to have been able to participate. Neil Armstrong once reportedly said, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." I'm afraid "The Next Step" doesn't even begin to cut it with regards to Interactive Gunfighting. Next giant leap for gunfighting training springs to mind.

Thanks once again. Anyone else out there... put Interactive Gunfighting at the top of your must-have list of classes."
S. Camp - Pilot


Contact Us At :
303 E. Gurley St., Suite 461 - Prescott, AZ 86301 USA
(Office) 928-776-4492
(Fax) 928-776-8218
(Mobile) 928-308-1512
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