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Force on Force Room Clearing & Low Light Engagement & Tactical Shooting Course

Law Enforcement Force on Force Room Clearing & Low Light Engagement & Tactical Shooting Course

This course is Open Enrollment:

Dates: 4/27/2013-4/28/2013 9am-5pm

Cost: $450.00 (Includes: Simunition Guns, FX marking cartridges & safety equipment for use during class) Or $300.00 for each class separately

Prerequisites: Basic Pistol Shooting and Gun Handling Skills

Location: CCJA 1380 Central Park Blvd Suite 208 Fredericksburg, Va. 22401 (The 10,000 square foot Shoot-House is within walking distance)

Equipment: Simunition Guns, FX marking cartridges & safety equipment for each student are included in the price. (Safety Equipment will be worn at all times while in the shoot house)


Tom Perroni FX Certified Instructor
Joe Trindal FX Certified Instructor
Vincent Chambers FX Certified Instructor
Sean McNally FX Certified Instructor

This course is a (2) day course with (2) distinctly different classes. Day (1) is all about the principals of Entry Level room clearing and day (2) is all about the principals of low light engagements. Each course can be taken separately or both courses together.

Day (1) Entry Level Room Clearing

Day (2) Low Light Engagement & Tactical Shooting

With the high cost of ammunition in today’s training market coupled with the benefits of using Simunition FX marking cartridges makes this class invaluable and inexpensive for all students.

This extremely realistic training provides students with the critical skills that are needed in life threatening situations encountered while performing job/mission for Police, Military or Security personnel as well as the armed citizen.

For more information or to register for the course: Contact Tom Perroni (540) 322-3000 office (540) 846-7088 cell [email protected] or

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Just FYI - I took this course over the weekend and was completely impressed. This was hands down the best training that I've ever received. The instructor cadre were very experienced, no-BS, hardcore gunfighters (Tier 1 Military and Law Enforcement). Not only did these guys know what to do to be effective and have the best chance of staying alive, they were able to teach as well (not something you can say about all people who are really good at something). The instructor to student ratio was the best that I've ever experienced, and the scenarios used to build on the training were realistic and challenging. It was incredible.

I've been through live fire shoot houses before that used targets and were exciting, and I've tried Force on Force with Airsoft. Both were good and helped me learn and improve. But, this was definitely drinking from the fire hose. Scenarios lasted 5 - 15 minutes, had multiple attackers who used cover extremely well, and who weren't afraid to be non-compliant if you made contact and it didn't initially result in a shootout. It was exhausting at times - mentally and physically. And, it pointed out so many things I had never thought of in the context of protecting my family and others - but things that do and have happened to Police, Security, and Military personnel. Very realistic.

The Simunition guns / FX marking cartridges were a lot different than even the 300 fps Airsoft green gas guns. Smoke, more sound, more pain. You only had to do something stupid once (such as not move when you were getting shot, or getting shot because you tried to return fire right away instead of moving to cover that was only a few feet away) to quickly realize that there is a better and smarter way to react. And, each scenario you did better, even as they changed things up and made them more challenging.

I really can't believe that I learned as much as I did in just two days, and I can't wait to return. CCJA is a first class organization that is focused on teaching you skills that can immediately be applied and could very well save your life. And, the value is there as well. If you're looking for training you should check them out. Regardless of your current skill level I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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cn262, glad you found and learned from your training. FOF is an eye opener.

And, it pointed out so many things I had never thought of in the context of protecting my family and others
I am sure one of those things is that a pocket pistol with 5-7 rounds is all anyone will ever need to protect them and family.

Sorry rant off from other thread carry over.
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