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This story from another forum concerning Fox Labs OC Spray in the STREAM pattern. Just posting it as an "actual use" FYI thread.

A good friend of mine was getting out of a car with two of his friends around 1:00 AM in downtown Atlanta.
They were in the parking lot of a loft visiting a another friend that lived there.
As my friend and the 2 other guys walked toward the entrance of the building, 4 guys approached them from the parking lot.

My buddy said they grabbed the smallest guy for no reason, which happened to be a German guy that was spending his first night here in the United States visiting my buddy.

The 3rd guy with them was scared and took cover as my buddy tried to come to the German guys rescue.

As 2 of the perps beat up the German guy, the other 2 engaged my buddy as he came to the German guys rescue.

My friend punched the biggest guy in the nose and he dropped like a ton of bricks.
The other guy kept coming at him and took several good shots in the throat, face and nose.
Every time the perp (Bad Guy) would fall, he would get right back up and take another licking.
The perp had one eye pretty banged up and was looking pretty bad but, he kept coming back for more.

Fortunately, my friend is a tough guy and was able to keep this wacko at bay.
But, the German guy was still getting pretty screwed up during this.

Now, my friend is the kinda guy that prides himself on not needing a weapon, but really should have one because of the environment we all live in here in good old Atlanta, GA.

About 3 months ago, my friend asked me if I would get him some good OC spray, which I thought was a great idea. (I think every good citizen should have some)
I got him a 2 Oz can of FOX LABS spray with the "Cop Top" in the STREAM.

So... back to the story.

The entire time this fight was occurring, nobody pulled out a weapon, but my friend thought that it was a good time to give the perp he was fighting a taste of FOX OC spray.

My friend was convinced that this guy was either too tough or too drunk to feel the punches.
So, as he got back up for another licking, my friend sprayed him directly in the face at about a 5' distance.
The guy reacted immediately and fell to the ground screaming like he had been lit on fire.
His reaction scared his other friends so bad that they jumped off the German guy to come to their friends rescue.
My friend allowed the perps to carry their buddy out of there to help him.

Needless to say, the result of the FOX spray wasn't a pretty sight.

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I am not familiar with Fox Labs, but the stuff we carry is pretty nasty. There are a few cases where OC has no effect at all but they are few and far between. I will never forget the one arrest that requested I stop so he could stick his face in a mud puddle even 20 minutes after exposure because it set his head on fire. :yup:

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Additional Information

The story was very poorly written. I did "Clean It Up" a bit & Spell Check it before I posted it on the forum.

The majority of all PDs are using Fox Labs OC these days.
Their FIVE point THREE (5.3 Million SHU) strength really kicks it.
That is their Law Enforcement Formulation.
SHU is the measurement of HEAT wich is measured in Scholville (SP?) Heat Units. (SHU) Also contains a UV Identification Dye.

I Carry The BIG:image035:4 Ounce STREAM.
I Supersized It.:rofl:

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Buy It Here

Here Is The Link To J&L

I know for a fact that (the above) is a reputable company.
I've phone ordered from them three different times already
Their product is very fresh.
They are a very honest & friendly company.
My Own Credit Card # has been on file with them for over a year with no problems.
Call them up on the phone & place your order.
They Ship Lightning FAST!
Oh...and....the female that answers the phone has a really spicy & provocative phone voice.:banana:
I don't know for sure if she is still working there...or not...:biggrin2:

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Seems like things stayed very ''restrained'' - possibly way beyond what might have been.

The spray seems to have a good rep' - one question QK, how do you carry the 4 ounce - and manage easy access? Pocket do OK?

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4 Ounce Stream

I pocket carry mine UNLESS I'm walking or running the dog.
I take the dog out LATE usually always after 10 or 11 PM because that "poops her out" & then I can get some sleep.:dead:

When I take the dog...One Hand (naturally) is always "Tied Up" with the extension leash & I constantly switch hands but, late at night I try to always keep my gun hand free.
I have one 4 Ounce FOX Labs with VELCRO on the can & VELCRO on the extension leash body.
That keeps it out & instantly at the ready.
Since my dog has already suffered one stray dog attack...the OC is "right there" for a potential Attacking Dog.

I could not "get away with" shooting a dog that was attacking my my area. That is a no no.
I could shoot a deadly, vicious, dog that was attacking my person.
So...mostly the "OC" is there (at night) for dog attacks.

Though (Of Course) I would MUCH RATHER "OC Spray" a human attacker...than ever having to shoot a person. I LIKE having that Less Than Lethal option available.
I consider the OC to be a valuable Non~Lethal yet quite effective part of my Self~Defense strategy.
I can "Left Hand" & use the OC at the same time I'm going for my Primary with my gun hand.

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Chris...Just Thought Of Something Funny

You know the old saying:
"The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men"

I get all of my defensive strategies in order...practice that fast draw...PRACTICE PRACTICE...that accurate "point shooting"...high quality firearm...Best tested & most accurate, effective, ammo...great Alessi Shoulder Holster...OC Spray...Surefire light...Back Up Gun...even...
And then....Then....A large chunk of metal breaks away and careens to Earth from a high flying overhead jet plane...and instantly creams me into QK Pudding...just walking down the sidewalk.:dead: :rofl:

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In my meager experiences, I have used the spray option just about three times in the last 25 years. Every time it was ineffective. I believe that was because the bad guy was under the influence of some serious dope. Maybe PCP. I find that the good old NOVA XR5000 stun gun worked well then and now the stun devices are even better. Sprays work well where there is no "blood up" or drugs involved on an unprepared BG.

I know of only one case where a person stayed on his feet after being tasered or stun shocked. That was a very good pal of mine who was hit on a bet with a cop. My buddy had already survived a lightning strike three times while in the army with the rangers. He is simply resistant to electricity. In fact when it was raining and I stood outside with him (we taught at the same school) I would simply wave and walk away....quickly.

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I sort of tested both

The CONE spray pattern is still a pretty dense and heavy spray pattern.
Not real likely to blow back in the wind.
I'm using the STREAM for Dog Walking because I want to try to avoid fogging my own animal in a dog fight situation...if at all possible.

Meanwhile, I just was not up for spraying myself in the face as a test but, I did do my left arm & hand (with a Keychain Unit) & it sure was burning pretty Hellfire HOT before I got all washed off.
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