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French Resistance Dagger

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My son was reading a book on WWII last night. Book has a lot of photos of devices used in the war... one of them caught my eye when my son brought the book to me to ask some questions. This device was a small dagger of a type I've never seen before. It is a tiny spear point blade with the grip being nothing more than an unsharpened area with checkering. The overall shape is that of a long teardrop about 2 inches long. Simple leather sheath attached to an elastic band for wrist or ankle carry. I can't find a photo of this little knife online... so I'm going to take a photo of the page if I can and post this image. I know a lot of guys that are into small hideaway blades who would go nuts for this “Resistance Dagger”.
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did it look something like this?

picture from this site

These were pretty common in WWII, issued to covert agents of various units.
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Yeah, that's what I'm talking about... the top link. The lower one is different.
20 bucks... I'm going to have to order one.
Brigade Quartermasters had some for sale in their last catalog made by BlackJack knives.

Other info:

I love these little guys. You could fabricate one from a metal nail file very easily. I make mine out of scrap steel and secure them under a lapel and in the rear hem of jackets (I'mlittle paranoid of being tied up with my hands behind me.) I've also tucked them into steel toe boot soles when going into places with metal detectors. The possibilities are truely endless. They also work well for the "veil of blood" technique.
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almost as valuable as their rifles w/ white flag attached.
Designed by the OSS... not the French. And it doesn't take much to think of many situations when such a blade could be wonderfully useful. Just like all the other small defensive blades on the market that are popular and selling well.
I like the classic look and the history which the new designs don't have.

My order has been placed here:
Thanks for that link, kenpotex.
rocky said:
almost as valuable as their rifles w/ white flag attached.

:haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
Bud White said:
:haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
just kidding, I am sure there are many dropped french rifles , that were picked up as war trophies. Only a few scratches on em, never used ,only dropped once. :biggrin2:
French Resistance is an oxymoron

George Hill said:
Designed by the OSS... not the French.
Yeah, I somehow was thinking of a Butter knife when the title "French Resistance" knife came up.:duh:
I understand those "resistance knives" were prized by French chefs since they were the perfect size to reach into snail shells.

That's a neat little number... 65 bucks though... that's a bit much for what your getting I think.
Hmmm... merits of mass production, maybe? $40 at MD Tactical (currently OOS, though)

To its credit, the Lil' Loco can be held in a fist, not something to try with the traditional OSS lapel knife. The lapel blades conceal beautifully between the fingers for forehead/facial slapping, and can poke well, in a pinch.
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