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i picked up a ar15 at the andalusia gun show this year and just dont find it to be everything i thought it would be. i live near andalusia but travel alot
DPMS 16" A2 barrel assembly
16" Heavy Contour Barrel
4140 Chrome-Moly Steel
Chambered in 5.56x45mm
A2 Flash Hider
A2 Forged Ipper Receiver w/Teflon® Coating
GlacierGuards™ Handguards
Complete Bolt Carrier Assembly
Forged Front Sight Base w/Bayonet Lug

double star corp.
six-position M-4 buttstock
with 1 30 mag

i also have some ammo that goes with this:
140 rounds of wolf .223 55gr. hp
280 rounds of wolf .224 62gr. fmj
40 rounds of wolf 55gr. fmj

asking 1500 for gun and ammo

email is [email protected]

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