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Boyt Tactical's H-Series line of hard-side cases are designed and engineered to meet or exceed law enforcement, military and airline standards. Tough H-Series cases are made in the U.S. using a high-impact, custom-formulated resin and sold with a lifetime warranty.

H-Series Features:

• Made in the USA
• Injection Molded
• All steel powder coated draw latches
• Field replaceable latches
• Water proof/dust proof O-ring seal
• Pressure relief valve
• Egg Shell Foam Interior
• Purpose built for firearm use
• Fully stackable
• Padlock compatible
• Collapsible, comfort grip handle
• Lifetime warranty

Bought this at an NRA banquet auction last night for my AR. Turns out mine won't fit with the current scope setup I have. So I have no use for it, as I have no desire to take the scope off everytime.

I paid $225 plus tax. Would like to get $225 plus shipping or $225 FTF.

See the link for more details, and realize this is even BETTER as it supports the NRA:)

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